Cambodia visa for Chinese citizens: E-visa cost in May 2024

Any Chinese citizen who wishes to travel to Cambodia must obtain a visa. There are numerous paths that any Chinese citizen can take when applying for a visa. Thankfully it is quick and easy to apply and get approved for a Cambodia visa for Chinese citizens online.

In this article, Chinese citizens will find useful information on applying for an electronic visa, including Cambodia visa requirements for Chinese citizens and how to apply for a Cambodia visa online

Do Chinese citizens need a visa for Cambodia?

1. Do Chinese citizens need a visa for Cambodia?

Yes, Chinese citizens planning a trip to Cambodia must obtain a visa in order to enter the country.

The most efficient and convenient way to obtain a visa for Cambodia from China is to apply online for an electronic visa (e-visa).

If you are traveling from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, or any other city in China, the simple online Cambodia visa application is quick and easy to complete. You can apply from any location with an internet connection. This eliminates the need to visit a Cambodian embassy in China.

Do Chinese children need to apply for a visa before traveling to Cambodia?

Visitors from China traveling to Cambodia with minors should be aware that each group member must have their own e-visa approved in order to enter the country. This is true regardless of age or whether they share their passport with one of their parents or legal guardians. Their parents can easily fill out their dependents' applications on their behalf.

What is the Cambodia electronic visa for Chinese citizens?

This Cambodia e-visa for Chinese citizens is a formal and official document that allows visitors to enter Cambodia. It allows nationals of the PRC to visit for tourism and leisure purposes.

Chinese nationals can use the e-visa platform to apply for a Cambodia visa not only from China but from any country in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.

Visitors are permitted to stay in the country for a total of 30 days. Keep in mind that you will be unable to work or find work during this period.

The Cambodia e-visa for Chinese is valid for 90 days after it is issued. It means you have 90 days after receiving your e-visa to enter Cambodia. Once you enter Cambodia, you can stay in this country for up to 30 days.

Chinese travelers should obtain a Cambodian e-visa before entering the country. You can obtain an electronic e-visa for Cambodia by completing the simple and straightforward Cambodia e-visa application form online.

2. Cambodia e-visa requirements for Chinese citizens

Cambodia e-visa requirements for Chinese citizens

Chinese travelers are encouraged to read the Cambodia visa requirements for Chinese citizens before beginning their Cambodia e-Visa application. For Chinese passport holders, these conditions are standard for international travel and easy to meet. In order to obtain a Cambodia e-visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Valid passport: Before entering the Kingdom of Cambodia, all visitors must have a valid Chinese passport. You must also ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your arrival in Cambodia.
  • Keep a digital copy of their passport's biographical page on their device for uploading during the application process.
  • Digital passport photo: Take a photo that meets the standards for passport photos. Be sure that it is taken against a white background, and that you are looking straight at the camera. You cannot take a photo with headwear unless you have religious reasons for doing so.
  • E-mail address – Make sure you provide a valid email address that you have access to. The reason is that we will send you the document in the email account you provide us.
  • Travel insurance documents: you need to provide your own Cambodian travel insurance relating to your upcoming trip to Cambodia to avoid any fees in unwanted situations.
  • COVID-19 certificate: your COVID-19 vaccination record will be asked to verify your condition. If you got at least 02 doses of any legal vaccine, you are qualified.

When applying for a Cambodia online visa, Chinese citizens must keep in mind that their passports have a validity period of 180 days. If their passport is due to expire during the time period specified in their e-visa request, they should first renew it.

Chinese visitors should also keep in mind that they can only enter Cambodia with the same passport they used to apply for. This is important to remember for Chinese nationals who have dual citizenship with another country or who have had to replace their passport between submitting their e-visa request and visiting Cambodia.

Chinese citizens should make sure that the passport they use to fill out the electronic application is the same one they will use to travel to Cambodia. To gain entry into the country, you will need to present your passport along with the approved e-visa when you arrive at a border checkpoint.

3. How to apply for a Cambodia visa online from China

Chinese citizens can apply for a Cambodia e-visa from the convenience of their own homes. All that is required is a computer or other internet-connected device.

To obtain a Cambodia visa for Chinese citizens, all applicants will need to fill out the application. Chinese citizens can apply for a Cambodia online visa in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1: Fill out the Cambodia e-visa form.
  • Step 2: Pay the service fee and Government fee online with your Credit/Debit Card, Visa card, PayPal, or Wire transfer to our HSBC bank account.
  • Step 3: Print out 2 copies of Cambodia's electronic visa.

The process is very straightforward and will take most people less than 15 minutes to complete the form. As part of this application process, it is very important that all information and documentation are at hand so that the process can be completed as efficiently as possible.

The Cambodia e-visa is usually approved within 24 hours of submitting the application, but it can take up to 5 days (depending on demand and public holidays).

If you need a Cambodian visa in less than five days, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Cambodia Immigration Services recommends printing out a copy and storing it next to their travel documents.

4. Cambodia e-visa fee for Chinese citizens and payment method:

Payment is the final step of the application process for a Cambodia e-visa for Chinese citizens. To complete this step, you will pay 02 kinds of Cambodia visa fees: the Government fee and the service fee.

For the government fee, you are required to pay this fee since China is not on the exemption list of Cambodia. For the service fee, it is adjustable depending on the type of service you choose:

  • Normal: you will get your e-visa within 03 business days if you use this type of service.
  • Urgent: this type of service is a higher state that can help you get your e-visa within 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: this is the highest priority. With this type of service, you will get your e-visa within only 05 business hours.

Payment method: to complete your payment, you can choose to pay by electronic payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal) or wire transfer (HSBC direct transaction).