Car Pick-up Service

When you get off the flight and exit the International Airport, you will get confused with variety of taxi with different prices. Sometimes calling and waiting for an airport taxi might take time and make you tired after a long flight. Besides, touts may be are considered as one factor to increase your spending as well as make you in trouble.

Thus, we offer the car pick-up service with considerate and well-trained drivers to bring you from any Cambodia International Airports to your concrete address in the city center. Our professional drivers will make you feel safely and confidently right your first minutes in Cambodia. The different fees based on the number of guests.

How much does it cost?

You will be offered the private car for your group with the appropriate number of seats and fee as follows:

Transfer/ Pick up

Private car (USD/ car/ way) 

2 - 3 Seaters Saloon 3 - 5 Seaters Hi-Ace 6-10 Seaters Hi-Ace 20-25 Seaters Hi-Ace
Phnom Penh airport pick up to hotels in Phnom Penh $35 $45 $60 $70

Siem Reap airport pick up to hotels in Siem Reap

$25 $30 $55 $65
Preah Sihanouk airport pick up to hotels in Preah Sihanouk $40 $50 $65 $75

How it works?

You can select "Car Pick-up Service" as an extra service when making Cambodia visa application online or applying Cambodia visa via email [email protected] or calling us right away at our hotline (+91 2249410179 /  +852 8199 0468) If you have any further questions, or any problems at the airport, please kindly Support Center, our staff is willing to assist at best.