Cambodia visa for French citizens: E-visa cost in April 2024

French citizens planning to visit Cambodia must obtain a visa before entering the country. Fortunately, obtaining a Cambodia visa for French citizens is quick and simple, taking less than 20 minutes in most cases.

No paperwork or embassy appointments are required to obtain a visa for Cambodia for French citizens. This page contains all of the information and requirements for an online Cambodia visa from France.

Cambodia visa for french citizens

What do you know about Cambodia visa for French citizens

1. Cambodia e visa for French citizens

The Cambodia e-visa for French citizens is a travel document that allows French citizens to visit Cambodia. The Cambodia e visa for French citizens is valid for visits such as tourism, leisure, and short-term business.

The holder has the right to enter the country and stay for up to 30 days from the arrival date. The validity of a Cambodia e visa for French citizens is 03 months from the issued date with a single entry into the country, so French travelers should consider that when they start planning their trip.

An approved Cambodian visa online can be used to enter Cambodia at any point of entry in the country.

For more information on visiting Cambodia for longer periods of time or for other reasons such as work or study, French citizens should contact the Cambodia Embassy in France.

2. Cambodia e visa requirements for French citizens

Cambodia visa requirements for french citizens

Carefully check Cambodia visa requirements for French citizens for a smooth application process

The process for obtaining a Cambodia e-visa for French citizens is very simple. Only a few Cambodia visa requirements must be met, as detailed below:

  • Valid passport: French citizens must have a French passport to apply for a Cambodia e-visa. Check the expiry date to ensure that it is valid for at least 06 months from the date of arrival in Cambodia. You must also scan the biographical page of your passport.
  • Digital photo: All travelers must have a recent digital photo in order to apply for a Cambodia visa online. This photo contains a clear face against a white background, and your composition must be correct.
  • A valid email address is required for all French applicants. Because successful applicants will be emailed an e-visa, you must still be able to access the email address that you provide in the application form.
  • Travel Insurance Documents.
  • COVID-19 vaccine certificate: In order to successfully apply for a Cambodia e visa, you need to provide this certificate as evidence of adequate vaccination.
  • Hotel Reservation Documents.

To finalize the online application process, an online payment must be made using a debit or credit card. Therefore, French applicants must have a bank card (Credit/Debit Card, Visa card, PayPal) or Wire transfer to our HSBC bank account.

How to fill out the visa application form?

French citizens applying for the Cambodia e visa need to answer a few questions about their background, which might include:

  • Personal information (full name, address, date of birth, etc.)
  • Passport details (number, expiration date, nationality, etc.)
  • Date of arrival/departure.

To complete the Cambodia e-Visa application from France, the applicants must use the same passport that they will use to travel to Cambodia. This is due to the fact that the approved visa is electronically linked to a specific travel document. Applicants who hold dual citizenship should keep this in mind.

If a French passport is valid for less than 06 months from the arrival date in Cambodia, it should be renewed at the earliest opportunity before the application process begins.

3. How to apply for a Cambodia visa online from France

A French citizen who meets the aforementioned requirements will be asked to complete a simple online application form. The majority of the questions will be about health and security.

In three simple steps, French citizens can apply for a Cambodia visa online.

  • Step 1: Complete the Cambodia e-Visa application form
  • Step 2: Pay the Cambodia visa fee for French citizens
  • Step 3: Print out 2 copies of the Cambodia electronic visa

French citizens should double-check the information they provide before submitting their application form, as this will help eliminate any errors and ensure that the application is processed successfully.

French passport holders will receive an email about the Cambodia visa online. We recommend that they print a copy and keep it with their travel documents before departing.

Cambodia e-visa for French citizens is usually issued within 03 business days of application. However, when applying for a Cambodia visa online with us, French applicants can expect to receive their e-visa within 05 business hours. If French tourists plan to apply during peak periods such as the summer holidays, we recommend completing their e-Visa form at least three business days before their arrival.

In addition, we also provide other service packages to ensure French travelers have a safe trip to Cambodia such as Cambodia travel insurance, Car pick-up service, e-sim cards, etc.