Cambodia visa for American Samoan citizens in June 2024

The Kingdom of Cambodia has seen a significant increase in international tourists in recent years, with approximately 300 of them being American Samoans. As a result, the government has allowed over 200 nationalities to enter the country through the Cambodia e-visa electronic travel authorization scheme.

Choosing an electronic visa to visit Cambodia eliminates the need for American Samoans to visit a local embassy. The e-visa to Cambodian territory is designed to be obtained entirely online and American Samoan citizens can give complicated paperwork procedures a wide berth.

If you are an American Samoan national you’re lucky to be able to visit Cambodia easily with an e-visa. This nationality is eligible to apply online for a Cambodia e-Visa, which means you can avoid visiting the nearest Cambodia Embassy to obtain your visa.

This article explains all the information needed for American Samoans traveling to Cambodia, and how to get a Cambodia visa for American Samoan citizens

Cambodia visa for American Samoan citizens

What is a Cambodia visa for American Samoan citizens?

1. Cambodia e visa for American Samoan citizens

The government of Cambodia allows citizens of over 200 countries worldwide, including American Samoa, to apply for an electronic travel authorization to visit the country. The Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation implemented an electronic visa in 2006. It grants permission to enter the country for tourism and leisure purposes.

The e-visa for Cambodia is a digital travel document that American Samoans can obtain from the convenience of their own homes. They do not need to schedule an appointment with an embassy or consulate. The entire procedure is completely online and can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes.

The Cambodia e-visa for American Samoan citizens is a single-entry permit valid for 3 months from the date of entry and allows travelers to stay for up to 30 days.

Visa applications are made through the Cambodian embassy in American Samoa for travel from American Samoa to Cambodia for non-tourism purposes such as medical treatment, business, etc.

2. Cambodia e visa requirements for American Samoan citizens

Before beginning the application process, American Samoan passport holders must ensure that they meet the Cambodian government's e-visa requirements. These visa conditions include:

  • Valid Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the intended arrival date. Otherwise, your application may be rejected.
  • A passport scan is required because we only need the information page of your passport.
  • Inside the passport, at least two blank pages are available for receiving exit/entry stamps at the Cambodian border.
  • A digital photo of you: you can take it yourself! and we can help you with the rest.
  • Email address: When you apply with, your e-Visa will be delivered via email, so include a valid email address that you have consistent access to.
  • Proof of travel — This could be a hotel reservation confirmation email, a flight confirmation, an invitation or referral letter, or a travel itinerary.
  • Travel Insurance documents will be required when applying for Cambodia e-visa.
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

In addition, American Samoan applicants need to have a stable internet connection and a mobile device such as a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

Cambodia visa requirements for American Samoan citizens

Cambodia visa requirements for American Samoan citizens

3. How to get a visa for Cambodia from American Samoa

You should not be concerned about the application form because it is simple. We designed an easy-to-use platform to help you apply quickly. Furthermore, if you require assistance, we offer a support service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The procedure is divided into three simple steps:

  • The first requires your personal information as well as some trip-related information. You must also select a processing time and a visa type at this point.
  • The second step requires you to make a quick revision and enter your payment information.
  • The last step is to print out 2 copies of the Cambodia e-visa before going to the airport.

Click here if you want to start the form as soon as possible. When you're finished, simply submit it and wait for your digital Visa to arrive within the timeframe you choose.

Before submitting the form, applicants should carefully review the application to ensure that all of the information is correct. This is due to the fact that any information that does not match the details of their travel document, even minor errors, will almost certainly result in processing delays or even e-visa refusal.

From American Samoa to Cambodia: Waiting time to obtain the e-Visa

Cambodia e-visas are processed within one to three business days. Applicants from American Samoa will receive their approved e-visa, as well as any other important correspondence, at the email address they provided in their application form.

In rare cases, the visa may be delayed or denied. This can occur if there are errors in the application form or if the information provided is out of date. As a result, American Samoan applicants are encouraged to double-check the information provided before submitting their applications.

4. Cambodia e visa fees for American Samoan citizens

You can obtain your e-Visa as soon as possible, but you must pay Cambodia visa fees. In other words, the sooner you want it, obviously, the more you have to pay. gives you three options to choose from when you are applying for your Cambodia tourist visa:

  • Normal: Your visa is ready within 3 Business Days.
  • Urgent: It takes 1 business day for your Cambodia e-Visa for American Samoans to arrive.
  • Super urgent: You only have to wait 5 business hours for your application to be processed.

American Samoan e-Visa applicants pay the Cambodia visa fee securely online by credit/debit cards, PayPal, Visa Card, American Express, and Mastercard or use wire transfer (Bank of Cyprus).

In addition, Cambodia immigration services also provide other package services to assist travelers while traveling to Cambodia such as Cambodia travel insurance, Cambodia eSim cards, and Car Pick-up service in Cambodia.