Cambodia visa for Austrian citizens: E-visa Cost in May 2024

Only a few countries, including a number of Southeast Asian nations such as Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia, have visa-free access to Cambodia. The vast majority of foreign nationals must enter the country with a visa. Austrian citizens must have a valid Austrian passport and a visa to enter Cambodia.

Austrian citizens can apply for various types of visas for Cambodia, but the most convenient option is to obtain a Cambodia e-Visa through a simple online application. A Cambodia electronic Visa that has been approved is valid for tourism purposes and allows for a total stay of 30 days within a 90-day validity period.

On this page, Austrian travelers can find all the necessary information about Cambodia e-visa for Austrian citizens and how to apply for a Cambodia visa online.

Cambodia tourist visa from Austria

Cambodia tourist visa from Austria

1. Cambodia e-visa for Austrian citizens

Travelers from Austria need a valid visa to enter Cambodia. Only 9 countries have a visa-free agreement with Cambodia. Citizens with a valid Austrian passport, on the other hand, can get their visa quickly by filling out a short online application form.

With a Cambodia e-Visa, Austrian citizens can stay in the country for up to 30 days. The e-Visa for Cambodia allows citizens of Austria to visit Cambodia for tourism purposes. Travelers planning to travel to Cambodia for work or study must contact the Cambodia Embassy in Austria.

2. Cambodia e-visa requirements for Austrian citizens

Cambodia e-visa requirements for Austrian citizens

Cambodia e-visa requirements for Austrian citizens

To apply successfully for a Cambodia e-Visa from Austria, you must meet the following entry visa requirements:

  • Passport valid for at least 06 months, issued by one of the Cambodia e-Visa eligible countries.
  • For entry and exit stamps, the passport must have at least 02 blank pages.
  • Provide a digital copy of the biographical page of their passport.
  • Digital photo, passport size: Applicants must submit a digital image of their head and shoulders in JPEG or PNG format that meets standard passport composition, lighting, and size requirements. A scan or photo of the applicant's passport's biographical page is required in addition to this photo.
  • Travel insurance documents: you need to provide your travel insurance, including COVID-19 insurance to make sure your benefits will be safe in any circumstance.
  • COVID-19 vaccination certificate: you will need to provide your COVID-19 vaccination record that has at least 02 doses of any COVID-19 vaccine to prove that you are fully vaccinated.
  • Hotel reservation: if any.

Austrian nationals must ensure that their passport is valid for at least 6 months on the date of their intended arrival in Cambodia. If this condition is not met, we advise them to renew their passport before proceeding with the application process.

Austrians with dual citizenship must consider the Cambodian situation. The e-Visa is a one-of-a-kind online visa that cannot be transferred to a different passport. They will be unable to enter Cambodia if they travel with a passport other than the one they applied for.

On the online form, all applicants must also indicate the type of visa they are applying for, as well as the reason for their trip. It is recommended that the traveler begin the visa application process as soon as the travel dates are confirmed, and at least one week before the intended date of entry into Cambodia.

Because the approved e-Visa for Austrian citizens is electronically linked to an individual travel document, the passport used to enter Cambodia should match the passport used to apply for the visa. If a traveler enters Cambodia with the incorrect visa type or for illegal purposes, he or she will most likely be fined and forced to leave the country within 7 days.

3. How to apply for a Cambodia visa from Austria

To obtain a Cambodia visa for Austrian citizens, applicants must fill out an online Cambodia e-Visa application form. The questionnaire is simple to complete and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Citizens of Austria can get an electronic visa for Cambodia in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Complete the e-Visa application form.
  • Step 2: Pay the service fee and Government fee online with your Credit/Debit Card, Visa, American Express, PayPal, or Wire Transfer to our HSBC bank account.
  • Step 3: Print out 2 copies of the Cambodia e-Visa.

The form usually takes no more than 10 minutes to complete and asks for personal information such as the applicant's full name, passport information, the reason for entering Cambodia, and relatives (if any) living in Cambodia.

Applicants will also be asked to provide information about their criminal history and medical history. It is strongly advised that all applicants thoroughly review these details before submitting their application, as any inaccuracies on their form may cause the application processing time to be delayed.

It should be noted that minors traveling to Cambodia from Austria must obtain their own independent Cambodia e-Visa, even if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents and guardians, on the other hand, may complete and submit an e-Visa application on behalf of their children.

Cambodia electronic visa's processing time from Austria

Most applications are processed within 3 to 4 business days. It is recommended to apply for the e-visa at least 1 week in advance of the intended arrival date.

On approval, the visa is sent directly to the applicant by email and is valid for 3 months from the date of issuing.

The Cambodia e-Visa for Austrian citizens is normally valid for stays of up to 30 days in a row, but there is an option for an extension of up to 60 days.

If you have any questions or are having trouble with your online visa application, we are always happy to assist you. Please contact us if you require any additional information.

4. Cambodia visa fee for Austrian citizens and payment method

To apply for a Cambodia e-visa, you need to pay 02 main kinds of Cambodia e-visa fees: the Government fee and the Service fee.

For the government fee, you will add it to your cart since Austria is currently not on the exemption list of Cambodia.

For the service fee, there are 03 options for you to choose from, depending on your demand:

  • Normal: you will get your e-visa within 03 business days if you choose this service.
  • Urgent: you will get your e-visa within 24 hours if you use this type of service.
  • Super urgent: this is the highest priority you can get. You can get your e-visa in 05 business hours if you use this service.

Payment method: these are 02 main kinds of payment you can choose: electronic payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal) or wire transfer (HSBC direct bank transaction).

In addition, we also provide other service packages to ensure Austrian travelers have a safe trip to Cambodia such as Cambodia travel insurance, Car pick-up service, e-sim cards, etc.