Cambodia visa for Bolivian citizens: E-visa Cost in May 2024

Bolivian citizens are eligible for a Cambodia e-visa, which means that if you want to visit Cambodia for tourism, you do not need to visit the nearest Cambodia embassy to obtain your visa. Instead, you can use Cambodia Immigration Services to assist you with the online application process. Just keep in mind that not all Cambodian entry points accept electronic visas. You must pass through specific border crossing points. Cambodia International Airports, as well as a few land entry points, accept the e-visa.

This article discusses the Cambodian visa requirements for Bolivian citizens, as well as how to apply for a visa online.

Cambodia e-visa for Bolivian citizens

Cambodia e-visa for Bolivian citizens

1. Cambodia e-visa for Bolivian citizens

Even for short visits, Bolivian citizens require a visa to enter Cambodia. Fortunately, using the e-Visa system, applying for a Cambodia visa from Bolivia is simple and quick.

Bolivian citizens can apply online rather than visiting an embassy or consulate.

The Cambodia e-visa for Bolivian citizens is the official document that allows legal entry into Cambodia for tourism. The good news is that the process is entirely online, so Cambodia Immigration Services can assist you throughout the process.

The Cambodia e-visa is a single-entry visa, permitting stays of up to 30 days in the country.

Travelers from Bolivia who plan to stay for more than one month or for non-tourist purposes must apply for a visa at the embassy.

Bolivian citizens who wish to relocate to Cambodia or engage in non-tourist activities must instead apply for the necessary visas and permits at a Cambodian embassy in Bolivia.

2. Cambodia e-visa requirements for Bolivian citizens

Travelers need just a few items to apply for a Cambodia tourist visa for Bolivian citizens:

  • Valid passport: Bolivian citizens must have a passport that is valid for at least 06 months from the intended arrival date in Cambodia.
  • The passport must have at least one (1) blank page, for the entry and exit stamps.
  • A recent digital photo – A recent digital photo must be taken within 6 months of the application date. Photographs in PNG or JPG format are preferred.
  • Email address: Because this is an online visa, Cambodia Immigration Services will communicate with you via email. To receive regular updates, you must enter an active and valid email address in the registration form.
  • Travel Insurance Documents are a must regulated by the Cambodian Government.
  • Covid-19 Vaccine Card/ Certificate.
  • Hotel booking confirmation/accommodation details in Cambodia.

Bolivian citizens who do not meet one of these requirements may still be able to request a tourist visa at an embassy. However, this process may take much longer than the e-visa.

Travelers from Bolivia must bring and enter Cambodia with the same passport used throughout the e-visa application process.

If the Bolivian passport is replaced before entering Cambodia, the current e-visa will no longer be valid, and a new application must be submitted with the new passport's legal information.

Cambodia e-visa requirements for Bolivian citizens

Cambodia e-visa requirements for Bolivian citizens

3. How to get a Cambodia online visa for Bolivian citizens

To complete the online visa application to Cambodia from Bolivia, applicants will need to do the following:

  • Step 1: Fill out the Cambodia e-Visa form
  • Step 2: Pay the Cambodia processing fee
  • Step 3: Submit the request for review

Applying for a Cambodia tourist visa for Bolivian citizens is quick and convenient. Bolivian passport holders simply need to complete the online form with basic information, including:

  • Personal details: Name, gender, date of birth, and nationality
  • Bolivian passport number
  • Travel information: Date of arrival in Cambodia as well as the departure date

It is advisable to have all the above prepared before starting the application form, to make the process as fast as possible.

Before submitting the request, Bolivians should carefully review all of the information. Errors, including spelling mistakes, may cause processing problems.

To finalize the process, travelers pay the Cambodia e-Visa fees using a Credit/debit card, Visa card, American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, or Wire Transfer to the Bank of Cyprus.

After completing the form and submitting payment, you must wait for your e-Visa to Cambodia to be approved. This will be emailed to the email address provided on the application form. An e-visa to Cambodia typically takes 03 days to process. However, Bolivian citizens can also use the Rush visa service to receive a visa in just 05 hours. The Cambodia e-visa will be emailed to the traveler once it has been processed.

4. Cambodia e visa fees for Bolivian citizens

Cambodia e-visa fees for Bolivian citizens

Cambodia e-visa fees for Bolivian citizens

The Cambodia e visa fees for Bolivian citizens are classified into two types: The Government Fee and the Service Fee. As far as the processing time is concerned, Cambodia Immigration Services gives you 03 options:

  • Normal: Most applicants choose this option because it is the least expensive and has a standard processing time. Your application will be processed in 3 business days.
  • Urgent: The second available option costs a little bit more than the previous one. Your Cambodia visa is ready within 1 business day.
  • Super urgent: Choose this processing time if time is of the essence. Your application will be reviewed within 5 business hours.

In addition, Cambodia immigration services also provide other package services to assist travelers while traveling to Cambodia such as Cambodia travel insurance, Cambodia eSim cards, and Car Pick-up service in Cambodia