Cambodia visa for Colombian citizens: Visa cost in May 2024

Citizens of Colombia, like the majority of other countries, must first fill out a visa application form in order to enter and travel to Cambodia. Fortunately, Colombia is among the countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for a Cambodia online visa, eliminating the need for a trip to the embassy or consulate. Furthermore, the visa can be processed in a very short period of time.

This article will show you everything you need to know about the Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Colombian citizens.

Cambodia e-Visa for Colombian Citizens

Cambodia e-Visa for Colombian Citizens

1. Cambodia e-visa for Colombian citizens

In 2006, the Cambodian government implemented the Cambodia e-Visa, an electronic visa that greatly expedites the application process and eliminates the need to queue to apply for a regular Cambodian visa at its borders.

Travelers from Colombia can apply for this Cambodia visa online to obtain authorization to visit the southern Asian country.

The e-Visa permits entry to Cambodia for the purposes of touristic purposes.

The Cambodia e-visa for Colombian citizens is a single-entry travel authorization that allows you to stay in this country for up to 30 days from the date of your arrival. You can extend this type of visa at the local office. The validity of this e-visa is three months from the issuance date.

Colombians are not permitted to live or work in Cambodia, including any paid activity, under the terms of the e-Visa.

For purposes other than tourism, business, or transit, foreign citizens are required to contact the Cambodia Embassy in Colombia.

Cambodian e-Visa for a Colombian minor

It is important to note that everyone who wishes to travel to Cambodia must obtain their own e-Visa. Minors are also included.

Parents and guardians, on the other hand, can fill out the application form on behalf of their children.

Every applicant, whether applying for themselves or on behalf of a minor, must ensure that each individual passport has a minimum validity of 6 months when entering the country.

Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Colombian Citizens

Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Colombian citizens

2. Cambodian e-visa requirements for Colombian citizens

In order to submit an online application, it is first necessary to meet the Cambodia visa requirements for Colombian citizens:

  • Valid Colombian passport: it must be valid at the time the e-Visa application is submitted and for at least 6 months after the date the holder intends to arrive in Cambodia.
  • Digital passport-size headshot: This photo must be in JPEG or PNG format and meet standard passport requirements for size and composition. In addition, the applicant must provide a scan or photo of the biographical page of their passport.
  • Email address: Because the Cambodia electronic visa will be delivered online, this email address must be valid. Following receipt of the electronic Visa, a hard copy should be printed and kept with the applicant's passport for presentation at the Cambodian port of entry.
  • A scan or copy of the biographical page of the applicant’s passport.
  • Travel insurance documents: to enter Cambodia, you need to prove that your benefits are protected by insurance and do not need the intervention of the local authority. Therefore, travel insurance, including COVID-19 insurance, is compulsory.
  • COVID-19 vaccination certificate: as a regulation to avoid the spread of COVID-19, you are required to prove that you have full protection from the COVID-19 vaccination. According to the WHO, you need at least 02 doses to be considered a fully vaccinated person.
  • Proof of accommodation (Hotel reservation).

Colombian nationals must provide some basic personal information, such as their full name, date of birth, place of birth, and gender, in order to complete the application.

Passport information, such as the number and expiration date, is also provided at this stage. Other questions about safety and health that appear on the form include the reason for traveling from Colombia to Cambodia.

It is strongly advised to double-check information; any errors may result in delays or even visa rejection.

How to apply for a Cambodia visa online from Colombia

How to apply for a Cambodia visa online from Colombia

3. How to apply for a Cambodia visa online from Colombia?

The traveler can begin the visa application process once they have met the above requirements. The process of applying for a Cambodia visa online from Colombia is simple and straightforward, taking only 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

There are three simple steps that the applicant needs to follow:

  • Step 1: Fill out the online Cambodia visa for Colombian application with your airport of arrival, Transportation Method, date of arrival, full name, passport number, date of birth, and nationality.
  • Step 2: Review your information and make the corresponding payment. We accept the following online payment methods: credit/debit card, PayPal, American Express, Visa.
  • Step 3: Print out 2 copies of the Cambodia electronic visa for Colombian citizens to present to the Board of the airport.

Colombian applicants should double-check their answers to ensure that they are correct and true. Any error or typo could cause a delay in the approval of their e-Visa.

Visa for Cambodia: processing times for Colombia

After the applicant submits the online form, the visa application can be processed in as little as 24 hours. The applicant will be notified via the email address entered on the online application. Depending on the day of application, approval may take longer.

The e-Visa should be printed out after it is received. The visitor from Colombia are advised to bring both copies with them to present at Cambodian border control upon arrival.

Cambodia e-visa fee for Colombian citizens

Cambodia e-visa fee for Colombian citizens

4. Cambodia e-visa fee for Colombian citizens

Cambodia visa fees for Colombian citizens contain two main kinds of fees: the Government Fee and the Service Fee.

The cost of the Cambodia e-visa must be paid using a valid debit or credit card, PayPal, American Express, Master Card, Visa, or Wire Transfer to the Bank of Cyprus.

Cambodia e-visa applicants are required to pay the government fee when applying.

Cambodia service fees are one of the most frequently asked questions by clients. As a result, we have created three types of processing that differ in total cost depending on when you choose to obtain your Cambodia e-Visa:

  • Normal: Cambodia e-visa will be finished and ready to use within 03 Business Days if you choose this type of service.
  • Urgent: This type of service can help you get your e-visa done within 24 business hours.
  • Super Urgent: This is the highest priority for getting your e-visa done within 05 business hours.

Cambodia extra services for travelers

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