Cambodia visa for Congolese citizens: Visa cost in May 2024

Cambodia visa for Congolese citizens: Cambodia's tourism industry is expanding. This lovely Southeast Asian country, a long-time backpacker destination, offers serene religious sites, untouched verdant landscapes, and vibrant, progressive cities.

All Congolese citizens who want to visit Cambodia will no longer need to go to an embassy to obtain a visa. You can now use our service to apply for a visa via the Internet. It is a simple procedure that allows you to obtain your Cambodian e-Visa for Congolese citizens as soon as possible.

Here, Cambodia Immigration Services will walk you through the steps to take as well as the most important requirements for your case.

Cambodia e-visa for Congolese citizens allows visitors to stay in the country for 30 days in total

Cambodia e-visa for Congolese citizens allows visitors to stay in the country for 30 days in total

1. Do Congolese citizens need a visa to visit Cambodia?

Yes. The Cambodia visa for Congolese citizens is required to enter the country!

Congolese citizens are required to have a visa before they can enter Cambodia. Obtaining a Cambodia e-visa for Congolese citizens is fast, simple, and easy.

The online visa application system is the most efficient and convenient method of obtaining an e-visa. To complete the form, use any computer or device with an internet connection. This enables citizens of the Republic of the Congo to apply from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

The Cambodia electronic visa is a type of visa issued by the Immigration Department of this country to foreigners. This document authorizes you to travel to Cambodia. Like most of Central Africa, Congolese citizens are eligible to apply for a Cambodia e-visa

What is Cambodia e-visa for Congolese citizens?

With this visa, Congolese citizens may stay in Cambodia for up to 30 days for tourism-related activities with a single entry.

The e-Visa system is encouraged for Congolese citizens to use because it is the quickest and most convenient way to apply for a visa. Applicants with a Congolese passport who apply for a Cambodia e-visa do not need to attend an interview at the embassy or wait in line for a visa on arrival at the airport.

Instead, the application is only available online. Congolese complete the form on their smartphone or computer and are emailed the approved Cambodia e-visa.

Congolese planning to travel to Cambodia for work or study needs to make contact with the Cambodian embassy in Congo.

2. Cambodia e-visa requirements for Congolese citizens

The processing time to get a Cambodia e-Visa for Congolese depends on the rush visa services you choose. 

The processing time to get a Cambodia e-Visa for Congolese depends on the rush visa services you choose. 

To get a Cambodia e-visa for Congolese citizens, applicants need:

  • Passport: It is necessary to have a valid passport that is not due to expire for at least 6 months.
  • For entry and exit stamps, the passport must have at least two (2) blank pages.
  • A scanned passport photo.
  • A recent digital photo that satisfies Cambodia visa photo requirements. Keep in mind that this photo will be printed on your visa.
  • Travel medical insurance.
  • Covid-19 Vaccine Card/ Certificate.
  • Details of Accommodation in Cambodia.
  • Proof of travel: This could be a hotel reservation confirmation.
  • Email: A working email address is required to stay up to date on the status of your application and to receive your documents.

Citizens of the Republic of the Congo who do not meet one of these requirements may still be able to apply for a tourist visa at the nearest embassy. This process, however, may take much longer than the e-visa.

3. How to apply for a Cambodia online visa from the Republic of the Congo

Prior to travel, Congolese citizens visiting Cambodia for tourism need to apply for a visa. Applicants need to submit certain documents in order to apply for a tourism e-visa. It is best to have these on hand when starting the application to speed up the process and avoid mistakes.

How to fill out the application form online?

Congolese applicants need to provide the following information when filling out the form:

  • Basic personal information (name, nationality, etc.).
  • Passport information (passport number, date of issue and expiry, etc.).
  • Details about the upcoming trip to Cambodia, such as flight and lodging arrangements.

Step by step to apply for a Cambodia online visa from the Republic of the Congo

If you want to apply for a Cambodia e-visa for Congolese citizens, you only have to follow three easy steps.

  • Step 1: Fill out our online forms with your information, then select the processing time that works best for you.
  • Step 2: Before selecting a payment method, double-check that all of your information is correct.
  • Step 3: Download and print out the Cambodia e-visa.

The online form for the Cambodia e-visa for Congolese citizens takes about 10 minutes to complete and submit.

Congolese passport holders must provide an email address as part of their application. Once approved, the e-visa for Cambodia will be emailed to this account.

The electronic visa is usually processed quickly, within a few days. Congolese applicants should check their email for updates on a regular basis.

During peak periods, the application may take longer to process, so plan accordingly when submitting.

Cambodia visa cost for Congolese citizens depend on the rush visa services

Cambodia visa costs for Congolese citizens depend on the rush visa services

4. Cambodia e-visa fees for Congolese citizens

The Cambodia e-visa fees are determined by the speed with which your application is processed. To apply for a Cambodia visa online from Congo, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa Fees, which are called Service Fee and Government Fee.

Cambodia Immigration Services offers three processing options at varying prices depending on how quickly you need your document. These are the alternatives:

  • Normal: People who use the online application system typically choose this option because it is the cheapest. Your application will be processed within 3 business days.
  • Urgent: This option reduces the waiting time to 24 hours. However, the price is slightly higher.
  • Super urgent: This is the quickest option available. Your application is reviewed within 5 hours.

In addition, Cambodia immigration services also provide other package services to assist travelers while traveling to Cambodia such as Cambodia travel insurance, Cambodia eSim cards, and Car Pick-up service in Cambodia.

Hope this article helps you understand more about Cambodia visas for Congolese citizens. Let's contact us now to obtain a Cambodia e-visa and begin your trip to visit this beautiful country!