Cambodia visa for Grenadian citizens: Visa Fee in June 2024

E-Visa is a new tourism policy to promote travel that many countries in the world are adopting, including Cambodia. The Kingdom of Cambodia is known as a rich cultural country with wonderful structures. Angkor Wat is recognized as a World Heritage Site; this structure owns over 1,000 temples and monuments.

If you are a Grenadian citizen and are interested in traveling to Cambodia, you can consider our e-Visa service. Nowadays, Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Grenadian citizens are easier and quicker, helping people to save time and effort. If you have an interest in Cambodia e-Visa program, this article is for you.

Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Grenadian citizens

Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Grenadian citizens

1. Check Cambodia Visa requirements for Grenadian citizens

Do Grenadian citizens need a Cambodian visa?

The answer is Yes, to enter Cambodia, citizens must have a valid visa.

What is Cambodia e-Visa for Grenadian citizens?

For Grenadian nationals, the Cambodia e-Visa is a digital visa obtained electronically. This visa allows citizens from over 200 countries to apply. The process of applying for Cambodia is convenient; you can do it anywhere as long as you have technical equipment and the Internet.

What you need to know about the Cambodia e-Visa for Grenadians:

  • The e-Visa grant holders apply visa for tourism purposes or leisure activities. Besides, the stay time per visa is 30 days.
  • Your e-Visa has been valid within 03 months since the issuable day.
  • Visa is granted as a single entry.

How to apply for Cambodia visa from Grenada

How to apply for Cambodia visa from Grenada

2. How to get Cambodia e-Visa for the Grenadian passport holders?

To obtain Cambodia e-Visa for Grenadian citizens easily, you need to prepare about required documents.

Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Grenadian citizens

Please take note specifically that to avoid missing the information, you have to prepare:

  • A Grenadian passport is valid for at least 06 months. Your passport has to contain a page to get stamps when visiting Cambodia.
  • A digital photo is formatted as PNG or JPEG. A photo was taken within the last 06 months with a white background.
  • Your existing email to exchange requested information and receive your e-Visa.
  • A debit or credit card. We strongly suggest you use one of the payment methods such as Master Card, Paypal, Visa, and American Express, or wire transfer (to the Bank of Cyprus).
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate.
  • Hotel Reservation.

Cambodia visa for Grenadian citizens

Cambodia visa for Grenadian citizens

How to apply for Cambodia e-Visa for Grenadian citizens?

After your required documents have been prepared, you can access our website to apply. We will instruct you step by step, and the process takes you under 30 minutes to complete. Also, we hope you find a place with a stable Internet connection to avoid inconvenience and interruption.

On our website, click on "Apply Visa" on the navigation bar. After that, please follow these simple four steps:

Step 1: Provide enough information in our secure form. Please ensure that all of the information you entered is correct and that there are no gaps.

Step 2: Make a payment with the suggested methods. Please double-check your demands before paying, as any changes or additions will be charged as a new application.

After payment, we will request some extra information from you by email. Don't forget to check your email inbox during this step.

Step 3: We will notify you about the time when the Cambodia e-Visa will be processed completely. The processing time will depend on the service you get. We have three options for you:

  • Normal: This is a regular service. If you are not in a rush, you can choose this option. Your e-visa application will be processed within three business days.
  • Urgent: You are quite rushed and hope to get an e-visa as soon as possible. Taking into consideration this option, your e-visa will be processed within 24 working hours.
  • Super urgent: You are very rushed; we hope this option is useful to you. If you select "super urgent," your e-visa will be processed within five working hours.

Your Cambodia e-Visa will be directed to you via email once it is completed. We always do our best to process your Cambodia e-Visa in the most appropriate manner for your order. However, in some cases, the application process can be dependent on the decision of the Cambodian Government, so if delays happen, kindly be patient.

Step 4: Print two copies of your visa before boarding a flight because you will receive stamps when entering checkpoints.

Cambodia e-Visa fee from Grenada

Cambodia e-Visa fee from Grenada

3. Cambodia e-Visa fee from Grenada

Whatever the services you choose, there are Cambodia visa fees you charge, including Government fees and Service fees.

Service fees are the amount of money that the passport holder needs to pay in advance for a travel firm. The Cambodia e-Visa process includes steps such as receiving and verifying the applicant's basic information, receiving an e-visa from the Cambodian Government, and finally emailing it to the applicants.

The specific fees depend on the service you choose (Normal, Urgent, Super Urgent) and the number of people you register (individual or a group).

In addition, to minimize risks on every trip, we always recommend the customers supply Health Insurance services. With only $299 per application, you can feel more confident about your health and safety in a foreign country. To understand more about the benefits of this Cambodia travel insurance, kindly access the link.

In conclusion, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.