Cambodia visa for Bissau-Guinean citizens in in June 2024

Cambodia visa for Bissau-Guinean citizens: Cambodia is a country located in Southeast Asia. Cambodia is known primarily for its long history, and rich culture, especially the wonderful structures such as the Complex of Angkor Temple. All of these things create a beautiful country and an ideal destination for travelers around the world. To promote tourists, the Cambodian government publicized the Cambodia e-Visa policy in 2006. An e-Visa is more convenient than a regular visa because it helps the applicants to save time and effort. If you are a Bissau-Guinean citizen and are interested in learning more about Cambodia e-Visa for Bissau-Guinean citizens, this article is for you.

Cambodia e-Visa for Bissau-Guinean citizens

Cambodia e-Visa for Bissau-Guinean citizens

1. Check Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Bissau-Guinean citizens

Cambodia e-Visa is a permit for international travelers who would like to enter the country. According to Cambodia's visa policy, there are 9 countries located in Southeast Asia that are exempted from visas when visiting Cambodia. Bissau-Guinea does not belong to the exempt list so a Cambodia visa is required for Bissau-Guinea citizens.

What is Cambodia online visa for Bisau-Guinean citizens?

Information you have to know before applying for Cambodia e-Visa for the Bissau-Guinean citizens

  • The e-Visa is valid as a single entry visa. It means that if you would like to come to Cambodia one more time, you have to renew your e-Visa.
  • The e-Visa allows the applicant to visit abroad for travel purposes and leisure activities only and the staying time is 30 days. If you get overstaying and for other reasons, kindly apply for alternative options directly at Cambodian Embassy.
  • Remember that the expiration time of the Cambodia e-Visa is after 03 months from the issuable day.

Check Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Bissau-Guinean citizens

Check Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Bissau-Guinean citizens

2. Step-by-step instructions on how to get Cambodia e-Visa from Bissau-Guinea

What are the required documents for the Cambodia e-Visa application?

To have good preparation, you have to take note of the following necessary documents:

  • A scanned Bissau-Guinean passport is valid for at least 06 months. Your passport must have at least 02 pages to get stamps when you enter and exit the country.
  • Digital photo of the applicant, please format as PNG or JPEG. The photo should be taken within 06 months.
  • It is crucial that you provide your current email address to exchange the information.
  • Debit or credit card. Cambodia Immigration Services appreciates you using one of our payment methods: Master Card, Paypal, Visa, and American Express or wire transfer.
  • Travel Insurance document is required by the Government to process a visa application.
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate.
  • Hotel Reservation Documents.

Cambodia visa online application process for Bissau-Guinean citizens

In this part, we will instruct you on how to apply for a Cambodia visa online for Bissau-Guinean citizens. We strongly recommend that you plan your trip well and apply as soon as possible, a week before your trip. Please prepare enough required documents above to avoid interruption of your application. And then finding out a place that has a good Internet connection to apply smoothly.

Please access our website and click on “Apply Visa” on the navigation bar. Follow 04 simple steps below:

Step 1: Fill in our secure online form, you have to provide the accurate full details requested. Remember to double-check information prior to moving on step 2.

Step 2: Choose a payment method and make the payment. After we receive your payment completely, you need to provide some information when we request.

Step 3: The Cambodia e-Visa will be directed to you electronically via email when finished. Also, you are informed how long your Cambodia e-Visa is granted. This time is dependent on your demands and the services you choose.

We have 03 available options for you:

  • Normal: This option is quite common, your e-Visa will be granted after 03 working days.
  • Urgent: If you would like to obtain an e-Visa quickly, consider this option. Your e-Visa will be granted after 24h working hours.
  • Super urgent: You are very rushed and need an e-Visa as soon as possible, take into consideration this option. Your e-Visa will be granted after 05 working hours.

Step 4: Hold 02 hard copies of your visa. When you come to the Cambodia checkpoints, stamps will be placed on your passport.

Please cover your demands before paying because we will charge as a new application for any of your changes. On the other hand, we would like to remind you that your e-Visa process can be dependent on the Cambodian government, if interrupted or delayed, kindly be patient, we will try our best to support you.

Step-by-step instructions on how to get Cambodia e-Visa from Bissau-Guinea

Step-by-step instructions on how to get Cambodia e-Visa from Bissau-Guinea

3. Cambodia e-Visa fees from Bissau-Guinea

Keep in mind that there are 02 types of Cambodia visa fees for your application including the government and the service fees.

Government fees are required to pay for the Cambodia Immigration Services Team Department to solve visas. It is a compulsion for every applicant when applying.

The service visa fees are for the entire application process from when you apply online successfully to getting stamps at the International Airport. Besides, the service fees will be subject to the services you choose (normal, urgent, super urgent) and the number of people (a person or group) you register.

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Applying Cambodia e-Visa for Bissau-Guinean citizens is a quick process. Let's contact us if you have any questions or want to book a Cambodia visa to visit this country.