Cambodia visa requirements for Honduras citizens

Cambodia e-Visa is an optimal option for international tourists. Nowadays, traveling to Cambodia is more attractive because this is a wealth of culture and structures country. Angkor Temple Complex is known for owning over 1,000 temples and monuments. Angkor Wat is recognized as a World Heritage Site and is an enormous source of pride for Cambodian residents. It is absolutely a must-go place for international tourists.

In 2006, the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation promoted a new visa policy, namely Cambodia e-Visa. The Cambodia e-Visa has been applied to over 200 countries in the world, including Honduras, a beautiful country in the Central America region. If you, Honduran citizens, are going to hit the road to Cambodia, read this article. We will present the Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Honduran citizens and how to apply.

Cambodia e-visa for Honduran citizens

Cambodia e-visa for Honduran citizens

1. Check Cambodia visa requirements for Honduran passport holders

According to the Cambodia visa rule, international tourists coming from eligible countries can obtain a Cambodia e-Visa when coming to this beautiful country. It is claimed that a Cambodian visa is a requirement for almost all nationals, including Honduran nationals.

Some information about Cambodia e-Visa for Honduran citizens you need to know:

  • For this kind of visa, the applicant is allowed to stay in Cambodia maximum of 30 days with a single entry authorization. Besides, the Cambodia e-Visa accepts purposes such as leisure travel and relative visit. Employment purposes are not covered in this visa.
  • It is noted that the Cambodia e-Visa is valid for the 03 months since the issuable day. If you are going to plan Cambodia for other purposes and overstaying, please come to Cambodian Embassy and apply.

Cambodia visa for Honduran citizens

Cambodia visa for Honduran citizens

2. Instruction on how to apply Cambodia e-Visa from Honduras

Cambodia e-Visa required documents for Honduran citizens

The process of applying for Cambodia e-Visa is not difficult, but you have to prepare enough required documents. Please follow the Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Honduran passport holders below: 

  • A scanned copy of a national passport valid for at least 06 months. The passport need to have a page to get a stamp when taking off at the international airport.
  • A passport-sized digital photograph in any format is also required. This should be a color photograph with a white background.
  • The applicant’s email address.
  • For financial card, you can choose the debit or credit card you prefer.

Cambodia e-visa requirements for Honduran citizens

Cambodia e-visa requirements for Honduran citizens

Step-by-step instructions on applying for Cambodia e-Visa

We highly recommend you apply via our form online as soon as possible, it is better if you apply a week before hitting the road to Cambodia. We will present specifically how to obtain Cambodia e-Visa for Honduran citizens:

Step 1: Provide information about yourself and your trip in the application form online. Remember that all of the details are full and correct. Do not miss any requested information.

Step 2: We have some available payment methods, you choose a method you prefer: Master Card, Paypal, Visa, and American Express or wire transfer to the Bank of Cyprus and make a payment.

After your successful payment, we can request that you provide additional information.

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation via email, also you know how long your e-Visa is finished. The waiting time will be subject to the types of services you choose. We have available 03 types:

Normal: If you feel free about your itinerary, the option is common. Your e-Visa will be processed within 03 working days.

Urgent: Choose this option if you are quite rushed. Your e-Visa will be processed within 24 hours.

Super urgent: If your time is limited, this option is for you. Your e-Visa will be processed within 05 hours.

Please consider carefully because any change after payment is charged as a new order. And then you will obtain an e-Visa via the email you provided.

Step 4: Please print out and bring 02 copies of your visa to get a stamp when you enter Cambodia.

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Cambodia visa for Honduran citizens

Cambodia visa for Honduran citizens

3. How much money do Honduran citizens have to pay for the Cambodia e-Visa application?

The Cambodia e-Visa fee for Honduran residents includes 02 types: the service fee and the government fee.

The government fee is an obligation fee paid for the Immigration Officers to process visa applications. The service fee includes the fee of end to end process. 

Learn more about the Cambodia e-Visa fees for Honduran citizens

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