Cambodia visa for Myanmar citizens: Visa fee in May 2024

The King of Cambodia is a wonderful destination for traveling. Both Cambodia and Myanmar belong to Southeast Asia. The distance and movement are quite easy and simple. Besides. Cambodia e-Visa for Myanmar citizens is various and not difficult to obtain.

In 2006, The Cambodian government launched a new visa policy, an e-visa. This policy helps people from entire the world who would like to visit The King of Cambodia more easily and quickly. The procedures for the Cambodia e-Visa are very convenient, with no paper documents, and not much time, and you completely apply anywhere.

Cambodia visa requirements for Myanmar citizens

1. Check Cambodia visa requirements for Myanmar citizens

Because of neighboring relations, as Myanmar citizens, if your travel is not up to 14 days, a visa is not required when you enter and depart at the International Airport.

On the other hand, the visa is compulsory if Myanmar citizens wish to travel in Cambodia over 14 days, or check in or check out from any border gate.

The residents from 220 countries apply entirely for Cambodia e-Visa. Keep in mind that the notes about Cambodia e-Visa for Myanmar citizens:

  • The e-visa allows only a single entry authorization.
  • The e-Visa is once issued legitimate for 90 days.
  • The e-Visa is spent for short-term stays for any purpose except for employees. Therefore, if you would like to stay more than 30 days, you can make reference to other visas.

Cambodia visa requirements for Myanmar citizens

2. How to apply for Cambodia online visa for Myanmar citizens

Requirements of Cambodia e-Visa from Myanmar

The passport holders who come from Myanmar have 2 options to obtain a visa:

  • The first option, get a visa electronically on the Cambodia Immigration Services website (you will receive the visa when coming to Cambodia Airport)
  • The second option, research and apply directly to the Cambodia Embassy in Myanmar or Oversea.

If you wish to apply quickly and avoid looking around the Embassy, we highly recommend choosing the first option.

After that, you should prepare some information about the requirements of the Cambodia e-Visa from Myanmar below:

  • Digital picture of the applicant (any format is acceptable).
  • A travel Insurance document is required by the Government to process a visa application
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Credit or debit card supporting the payment process. We appreciate the methods of Visa, Paypal, Master Card, and American Express or you can wire transfer (the Bank of Cyprus bank transfer).
  • The passport is compulsory to be valid for 6 months from the arrival date in Cambodia and has at least 01 blank page to get stamps.
  • The applicant’s current email address is necessary to support providing the required information.
  • Once get the Cambodia e-Visa, the applicant should keep 2 hard copies when entering Cambodia and during traveling.

As we presented before, this type of visa is accepted as a single entry authorization. So if you want to come to Cambodia one more time, kindly apply e-visa for a re-enter.

Instructions for Cambodia online visa for Myanmar applicants

After being clear about the requirements. Now we will instruct specifically to you step by step on How to apply for a Cambodia Online Visa. We sincerely hope you are in an area where get a stable Internet connection. Any interruptions in the application process are undesirable.

On our website, click the “Apply Visa” button. And then, please process 4 steps below, it will take you about 20 minutes:

  • Step 1: Fill out exactly your secure information on a form online. Please double-check the entire before skipping the next step.
  • Step 2: After you make sure everything is correct, the payment is next. You need to complete payment following the methods we suggest.
  • When the fee is charged successfully, you will get a confirmation email. Check your email inbox carefully.
  • Step 3: You will be required to send us some supporting documents for us to proceed with your application. Your e-Visa is provided for you electronically via email. Do not forget to print your Cambodia e-Visa 02 copies.
  • Step 4: When you come to Cambodia, your passport will be placed with stamps. Get stamps when arriving in Cambodia.

Cambodia visa requirements for Myanmar citizens

3. Cambodia visa Fee for Myanmar Citizens

It is necessary to remember about Cost of Cambodia e-visa for Myanmar Citizens:

  • The payments are to be completed successfully by the passport holder when applying for the visa online.
  • There are 02 kinds of expenses you need to pay: the service fee and the government fee.
  • The government fee is compulsory. The service fee depends on how many people are in your group and the types of services you applied.

Types of rush visa service:

  • Normal: Cambodia e-Visa will be completed within 03 business days.
  • Urgent: Your e-visa will be completed within 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: This option is for very urgent cases, your e-visa will be completed within 05 business hours.

You can choose one of the payment methods we have: Visa, Master Card, Paypal, and American Express or wire transfer (the Bank of Cyprus transfer).

We would like to remind you that any changes after payment will be charged as a new application. So be careful and well-prepared when applying.

Cambodia visa requirements for Myanmar citizens

If you are going to stay in Cambodia or any country for 30 days or more, health insurance is our recommendation for you. The insurance is a mandatory document for the Cambodian Government to issue a visa. Additionally, it will support you in undesirable situations such as sickness, allergies, accidents, or any problems related to your health when moving to another country.

If you are concerned about insurance, kindly access Cambodia insurance information on our Cambodia Immigration Services website.

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