Cambodia visa from Netherlands Antilles in July 2024

When you prepare for outbound travel, applying for a visa is one of the important steps. To promote international tourism, the Cambodia e-Visa was released in 2006 by the Cambodian government. If you are a citizen of the eligible countries, you can apply for an e-Visa simply.

This article bestows on the citizens of the Netherlands Antilles. Cambodia Immigration Services will introduce you to the Cambodia e-Visa for Netherlands Antilles residents and how to obtain them.

What exactly of Cambodia e-visa for Netherlands Antilles citizens?

What exactly of Cambodia e-visa for Netherlands Antilles citizens?

1. Check Cambodia visa for citizens of the Netherlands Antilles

Do the citizens coming from the Netherlands Antilles need a Cambodia visa? The answer is Yes. Netherlands Antilles does not belong to an exempt visa list of Cambodia, so a visa is an obligation. There are 02 common ways to approach a Cambodia visa for Netherlands Antilles citizens, please consider applying at the Cambodian Embassy with a regular visa and applying at a travel firm with an e-Visa service.

If you would like to apply for a regular visa at the Cambodian Embassy, you have to look for a location overseas because the Cambodian Embassy has not operated in your country.

However, applying for a Cambodia e-visa is much more convenient. You can apply remotely in your home country with simple procedures and no paperwork. By the way, you should know clearly about Cambodia e-Visa for citizens of the Netherlands Antilles:

  • Cambodia e-Visa has value as a single entry. Please get a re-enter visa if you wish to come back.
  • Once approved, your e-visa will be used within 03 months. Pay attention to expiry and renew your e-Visa when expires.
  • Per visa, the applicants are allowed to stay in Cambodia for 30 days in total. Permitted purposes include a short-term vacation, leisure activities, and relative visits. The employment purpose is rejected for this visa.

The Cambodia e-visa allow candidates from Netherlands Antilles visit the country for short time trip

The Cambodia e-visa allows candidates from the Netherlands Antilles to visit the country for a short time trip

2. How to apply Cambodia e-Visa from the Netherlands Antilles

Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Netherlands Antilles citizens

The process will be easier if you have a good preparation for Cambodia's e-Visa requirements for the Netherlands Antilles citizens. Take notes carefully:

  • A national passport is required. Your passport must be official within 06 months and has a blank page to get a stamp when you depart the country. Please scan the first page of your passport to apply.
  • Digital photo adapts the requirements: taken in recent 06 months, high quality, shows your full face, front view, eyes open, head in the center of the frame, and show full head from the top of hair to bottom of the chin, PNG and JPEG format.
  • An existing email address.
  • Transactions cards (debit or credit card).

Step-by-step on how to apply Cambodia e-Visa from Netherlands Antilles

Follow our instructions for your application. Remember to find a place having a good Internet connection to restrict interruptions.

  • Step 1: Click “Apply Visa” on the navigation bar. You will see our secure form online. It takes you approximately 20 minutes to complete. Provide honestly and enough information requested. Check the accuracy before moving to the next step.
  • Step 2: Make transactions for your application. When we receive your payment, you will be asked to provide some information to complete the process.
  • Step 3: Check our confirmation as well as the processing time of your e-visa. After waiting for processing time, your e-visa will be sent to you via the email you provide.
  • Step 4: Bring 02 copies of the e-visa we sent to you. When you enter Cambodia, your passport will be placed with a stamp.

Apply Cambodia e-visa is simple process and quick

Apply Cambodia e-visa is a simple process and quick

3. How does a Cambodia e-Visa cost from the Netherlands Antilles?

Cambodia e-Visa fees from the Netherlands Antilles include 02 types of fees: the Cambodia Government fee and the service fee.

The service fee is dependent on the kind of service you register. We have available options below:

  • Normal: This option is suitable for those who have a plan and can wait for the processing and response. With this option, your e-visa will be approved after 03 business days.
  • Urgent: Your time is a little bit urgent, this option will help you get an e-visa after 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: You will get an e-Visa immediately, after 05 hours only. The option is suitable for those who have a plan, surprisingly, and can not wait.

Consider your timetable, demands, and additional services carefully before paying. Any modification will be charged as a new application order.

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