Cambodia visa for Palauan citizens in June 2024

Palau citizens would like to make leisure travel for themselves and their families. The ideal destination for your trip is The Kingdom of Cambodia. However, you are worried about applying for a Cambodia visa. In this article, we introduce to you a new kind of visa, namely the Cambodia e-Visa - a creative solution for your Cambodia trip and how to apply.

If you take an interest in Cambodia e-Visa for Palauan citizens, do not ignore this article.

Palauan citizens can visit Cambodia easily with online visa

Palauan citizens can visit Cambodia easily with an online visa

1. Check Cambodia visa requirements for Palauan citizens

According to the regulations of Cambodia visa, Palauan citizens have to own a Cambodia visa when visiting this country.

Everybody can apply directly to the Cambodian Embassy with a regular visa. It is noted that Palau has not set up the Cambodian Embassy, so you must go overseas to apply.

On the other hand, the Cambodia e-Visa is a good idea for you. With e-Visa, you apply remotely in your home country. The procedure is simple and has no paperwork. To consider if Cambodia e-Visa is suitable for you, pay attention to the following rules:

  • Cambodia e-Visa is authorized as a single-entry application. It means you must renew your e-visa if you want to return to Cambodia.
  • Once your e-visa application is approved, the visa will be official within the next 06 months.
  • Permitted staying time is a maximum of 30 days for Palauan citizens. The Palauan citizens are accepted to stay for travel and business purposes, employment purpose is not covered by this visa.

The Cambodia e-visa allow the Palaun candidates visit the country for short time trip

The Cambodia e-visa allows the Palaun candidates to visit the country for a short time trip

2. How to apply Cambodia e-Visa from Palau

Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Palauan passport holders

For a successful application, you should have good preparation, especially regarding Cambodia's e-Visa requirements for Palauan citizens. Please take note of the following requirements:

  • A scanned copy of your passport. The passport is valid for at least six months and has a blank page.
  • The digital photo that meets the requirements: taken in recent 06 months, high quality, shows your full face, front view, eyes open, head in the center of the frame, and showing full head from the top of hair to bottom of the chin, PNG or JPEG format.
  • The existing email address.
  • Debit or credit card.
  • 02 hard copies of e-Visa.

Step-by-step guide on how to apply for Cambodia e-Visa from Palau

After preparing enough, the next step is applying on our secure form online. We will instruct you on how to get Cambodia e-Visa from Palau. Please find a good Internet place to avoid unexpected delays.

Click on “Apply Visa” on the navigation bar. Then follow the 04 simple steps to apply:

Step 1: Fill enough information in a secure application form.

Step 2: After checking the accuracy, you make a payment for your application. We strongly recommend you use our methods of payment: Master Card, Paypal, Visa, and American Express or wire transfer (HSBC direct bank transfer). To complete the process, please provide additional information when we request.

Step 3: Check our confirmation and timeline of your e-visa. The processing time depends on the kind of visa service. We have 03 available visa services:

  • Normal: This type is quite common. If you have prepared your plan, you have enough time to wait for the processing, please choose this option. Your e-visa will be approved after 03 working days.
  • Urgent: If your time is limited, this option will be available for you after 24 working hours.
  • Super urgent: You can not wait for processing and response, we will solve your request quickly within 05 working hours with this option.

After that, Cambodia Immigration Services will send an official Cambodia e-visa via the email you provided.

Step 4: Hold 02 hard copies to receive a stamp when you depart at the international airport.

With the device has internet connection, apply Cambodia visa from Palau is simple and quick

With the device and has internet connection, applying for a Cambodia visa from Palau is simple and quick

3. How much does a Cambodia e-Visa from Palau cost?

It consists of 02 types of fees you must pay: The Government fee and the Cambodian service fee.

The Government fee is paid to the Cambodia Immigration Services Team, and the Cambodian service fee is paid to the travel firm to cover the entire Cambodia e-Visa application process. Also, the service fee is dependent on the kind of service you choose (normal, urgent, super urgent) and the number of applicants. After payment, we will charge if any changes are requested.

We hope you are precise about the Cambodia e-Visa fee from Palau before applying to avoid rising costs.

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Contact us if you have any questions about Cambodia e-Visa for Palau citizens and other services.