Cambodia visa for Puerto Rican citizens in April 2024

In 2006, The Cambodian government introduced the Cambodia e-Visa for nationals coming from around the world. This is a new policy to promote and develop Cambodia's tourism. E-Visa is optimized and effortless. You just need to have devices connected to the Internet and prepare the entire required documents in the application process.

The application process for the Cambodia e-Visa for Puerto Rican citizens is not complicated to obtain. The nationals from Puerto Rico, despite the long distance, our services will support enthusiastically. Do not forget to read this article to be precise about Cambodia visa requirements.

Cambodia visa for Puerto Rican citizens

Cambodia visa for Puerto Rican citizens

1. Check Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Puerto Rican citizens

Do the nationals from Puerto Rico need a Cambodia visa?

Because Puerto Rico is not included in the exempt national list of Cambodia. So Cambodia e-Visa is compulsory when Puerto Rican residents would like to come to this country.

The e-Visa is eligible for the case to stay in Cambodia within 30 days with tourism purposes only during the 3-month validity period. If your purpose is not tourism, you are going to stay in Cambodia for over 30 days. Kindly come to The Cambodian Embassy in Puerto Rico and register for other types of visas.

Cambodia e-Visa Requirements For Puerto Rican Citizens

Cambodia e-Visa Requirements For Puerto Rican Citizens

Why should we choose an e-visa instead of a regular visa?

Firstly, the biggest convenience is applying remote absolutely. You just need to use your technical equipment such as a smartphone, computer, laptop, or anything connected to the Internet. We always aim to minimize unnecessary steps, you do not need to look around or search the location of the Cambodian Embassy. Everything becomes much easier when you can approach us at your home entirely. If you choose the way of arriving at the border, do not forget to show your e-visa.

Secondly, an email of your valid travel document will be sent directly to you when your application is successful. This helps you avoid solving complex paper documents and being scared of forgetting to bring your visa.

Cambodia visa requirements for Puerto Rican citizens

Cambodia visa requirements for Puerto Rican citizens

Checklist of Cambodia e-Visa requirements for Puerto Rican citizens

After understanding the Cambodia visa for Puerto Rico citizens, the next phase is to obtain the required documents. Please make reference to the following needed documents:

  • The passport is granted for use 180 days (06 months) after flight departure in Cambodia.
  • The passport contains at least 2 pages to get stamps when entering the country.
  • The digital picture with a white background, and taken in the last 06 months.
  • Your current email address to supply information for our service.
  • When requesting a Cambodia e-visa, travel arrangements including hotel reservations are necessary.
  • Travel insurance and a Covid-19 vaccination certificate must be on hand when we ask for an e-visa to be processed.
  • Transaction cards, both debit and credit cards approved.
  • You will be required to print 02 copies of your visa.

2. How do Puerto Rico Citizens obtain a Cambodia e-Visa?

How to apply Cambodia e-visa from Puerto Rico

How to apply Cambodia e-visa from Puerto Rico

The step-by-step application process for Cambodia e-Visa for Puerto Rican citizens

During the application process, we hope you are in an area that has a stable Internet connection. Let’s use your devices and sign in/sign up for Cambodia Immigration Services. We instruct you specifically on How to obtain a Cambodia e-Visa for Puerto Rican citizens. Please choose “Apply Visa" and do the below steps:

Firstly, you can see our secure form, you have to fill in enough information required. Details about personal and your Cambodia trip information. We guarantee everything is kept confidential.

Secondly, in this step, you have to finish the payment process. When charged completely, quickly check your email inbox to get a confirmation. We would like to remind you that any changes or supplements after payment are supposed to be a new applicants. So please check carefully your details and cover your demands.

Thirdly, our service will show you the time your visa is issued. This is subject to what your service is. We have 03 options for the customer:

  • Normal: When you register for this service, your e-Visa is solved within 03 business days.
  • Urgent: This service will help you get Cambodia e-Visa within 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: Your time is limited and you are in a rush. Please get this service, we will help you get the visa within 05 working hours.

Once issued, your visa will be directed to you via your email. Please check your email usually. Kindly access the link on our website to get more details on the Processing of Applying for Cambodia e-Visa for Puerto Rico residents.

Finally, you have to get 02 copies of your visa to support your entering and exiting Cambodia. The stamps will be marked on your passport.

3. How much Cambodia e-Visa fee from Puerto Rico?

Cambodia e-visa fee for Puerto Rican citizens

Cambodia e-visa fee for Puerto Rican citizens

Whatever the service you choose, Cambodia e-Visa expenses consist of the government fee and service fee. Both are compulsory when registering our services.

The service fees are subject to factors such as the kinds of services, and the number of applicants (person or group). You can get more details on the Cambodia e-Visa fee from Puerto Rico. For financial cards, we appreciate you using one of the methods we suggest: Master Card, Paypal, Visa, and American Express or wire transfer (Bank of Cyprus).

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