Cambodia visa for Senegalese citizens in June 2024

Citizens of Senegal who want to visit Cambodia for tourism no longer need to go to the nearest Cambodian embassy to apply for a visa. They are also not required to wait in line at the visa-on-arrival counter. That's because, as a Senegalese, you can apply for a Cambodia e-visa online before your trip.

The Cambodia visa for Senegalese citizens is quick and easy to obtain online. Applicants can apply for the online visa for Cambodia from Senegal in minutes. This page explains the Cambodian visa requirements for Senegalese citizens, how to get the Cambodia e-Visa, and visa fees.

Cambodia e-visa for Senegalese citizens

1. Cambodia e-visa for Senegalese citizens

Cambodia e-visa is an online electronic visa issued by the Kingdom of Cambodia Government, which allows eligible citizens to travel to Cambodia for a short stay for tourism purposes.

The Cambodia e-Visa for Senegalese citizens is a single-entry visa that allows short-term stays of up to 30 days, it is valid for 03 months from the date of issue.

The Cambodian government implemented the Cambodia e-Visa application to streamline the visa application process for a Cambodia tourist visa, eliminating the need to apply at an embassy or consulate.

Senegalese travelers who wish to stay in Cambodia for more than 30 days at a time, or for a reason other than tourism, need to apply for a traditional visa at a Cambodia embassy in Senegal.

2. Cambodia e-visa requirements for Senegalese citizens

The following Cambodia visa requirements for Senegalese citizens are applicable in order to obtain an e-visa for Cambodia:

  • Senegalese passport, valid for at least 06 months from the date of arrival in Cambodia, and 02 blank pages.
  • A scan of the biographical page of the passport.
  • We recommend that our customers take a good picture because this visa requires a specific type of photo.
  • E-mail address - We will email you the document in PDF format. This is why we need a valid email address from you. When you receive your e-visa, make sure to print a copy.

As part of the Cambodia visa requirements for Senegalese citizens, some applicants should submit additional documents The documents include:

  • COVID-19 vaccine certificate.
  • Covid travel insurance.
  • Hotel Reservation Documents.

Cambodia e-visa requirements for Senegalese citizens

This information is critical because the Cambodian e-visa for Senegalese will be electronically linked to the applicant's passport. Dual nationals should apply using the same passport they will use to travel to Cambodia.

3. How to apply for a Cambodia visa online from Senegal

Once Senegalese travelers to Cambodia have gathered the documents necessary to apply for the Cambodia e-visa, the application process is quick and simple.

There are a few short questions that must be answered for the Cambodia visa application for Senegalese citizens, and they will only take a few minutes to complete.

Senegalese travelers can apply for a Cambodia visa online in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1: Complete the e-Visa application form
  • Step 2: Pay the Cambodia visa processing fee
  • Step 3: Print out 2 copies of the Cambodia e-visa.

Senegalese travelers should exercise caution when filling out the Cambodia e-Visa application form. Their answers must correspond to the information on their passport. Any inconsistencies or typos could result in a delay in approval or rejection of their request.

Once the application has been completed and payment has been received, travelers can expect their e-Visa to be issued within 05 business hours to 03 business days.

The e-visa is linked to the applicant's passport once it is issued. A copy of the application is also sent to the email address specified in the application. This copy should be printed and available for inspection at immigration.

4. Cambodia e-visa fees for Senegalese citizens

Unlike traditional visas, electronic visas will be delivered to you quickly. Moreover, the Cambodia e-visa fee is cheaper than Cambodia's regular visa fee.

To apply for a Cambodia visa from Senegal, you have to pay two (02) kinds of visa fees, which are called Service Fee and Government Fee.

The total cost of your Cambodia e-visa is determined by how quickly you want the process to be completed. In order to meet your needs, we provide three options for processing time:

  • Normal: This is the most affordable option because you get your e-visa within 03 business days.
  • Urgent: This time, your visa will be processed within one business day.
  • Super Urgent: the fastest option you have is also the most expensive. Your request is ready in only 05 business hours.

There will be many risks when traveling to Cambodia, such as illness, illness, and accidents, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cambodia Travel insurance will not only assist you in paying the costs and overcoming the problem in the best way possible, but it will also cover the COVID-19 expenses—one of the required documents for the e-Visa approval process. It is prudent to have travel insurance.