Cambodia visa for Saint Barthélemy citizens in April 2024

Fascinated by Cambodian culture and its people? Eager to explore the vibrant capital, Phnom Penh, or wander the illustrious World Heritage Site, Angkor Wat? Cambodia's blend of natural wonders with rich historical and cultural significance offers a tantalizing experience for global travelers.

The Cambodian Government's commitment to fostering tourism led to the inception of Cambodia e-Visa - a convenient solution, especially for travelers from nations without a Cambodian Embassy, like St. Barthelemy. If you're a citizen of St. Barthelemy yearning for an unforgettable Cambodian getaway, this article is your guide. We'll uncover the Cambodia e-Visa requirements for St. Barthelemy citizens, making your dream holiday a reality.

Citizens from Saint Barthelemy are required a visa to enter Cambodia

Citizens from Saint Barthelemy are required a visa to enter Cambodia

1. Check Cambodia visa for St. Barthelemy citizens

Do St. Barthelemy citizens need a Cambodia visa to enter?

The answer is Yes because St. Barthelemy is not included in the exempt visa country list from Cambodia.

How many ways to apply for the Cambodia e-Visa?

The St. Barthelemy passport holders can approach Cambodia e-Visa in 02 ways:

  • Approach directly at the Cambodian Embassy
  • Approach Cambodia e-Visa platform. (Recommended)

Cambodia e-Visa information you should know

  • Cambodia e-Visa has a validity period of 03 months from the day it was approved.
  • The e-Visa is acceptable as a single entry visa.
  • The staying time is up to 30 days ideally for a short-term vacation. You can use e-visa for travel, business, or relative visit purposes, but for employment, please apply at the Cambodian Embassy.

The Cambodia e-Visa for St. Barthelemy citizens is truly optimal, you apply remotely without looking for the embassy’s location. The procedure is quite simple, no paper is required during the application process. However, with this visa’s rules, if your demand is not suitable, you can contact the Cambodian Embassy for alternative visas.

Apply for Cambodia visa online from Saint Barthelemy easily with the e-visa system

Apply for Cambodia visa online from Saint Barthelemy easily with the e-visa system

2. How to apply for Cambodia e-Visa from St. Barthelemy

What are the Cambodia e-Visa requirements you have to prepare?

When applying for a Cambodia visa, the important thing is the required documents. You have to prepare fully and correctly the Cambodia e-Visa requirements for St. Barthelemy passport holders we outline below, please note carefully:

  • A scanned copy of your national passport. The passport has validity for the next 06 months. Besides, having at least 01 page to get a stamp when you take off at the airport.
  • A scan of your passport biographical page.
  • The digital photo meets the rules: taken in recent 06 months, high quality, shows your full face, front view, eyes open, head in the center of the frame, and showing full head from top of hair to bottom of chin, PNG and JPEG format.
  • Travel Insurance and a COVID-19 certificate will be required to submit the e-visa application.
  • Hotel booking confirmation document.
  • We will exchange information with each other via email address, so you need to have a current email address.
  • Debit or credit card for transactions.

Step-by-step guides to applying for Cambodia e-Visa

You are ready to apply for an e-Visa, please follow the instructions on how to apply Cambodia e-Visa for St. Barthelemy citizens.

Click on “Apply Visa” on the navigation bar:

  • Step 1: Complete the application form online, you have to provide enough required information. Make sure of the accuracy of your details.
  • Step 2: Choose a payment method we have available: Master Card, Paypal, Visa, and American Express or wire transfer (Bank of Cyprus). And then make a payment. Please remember that after the payment step, any changes requested will be charged as a new order. When we receive full payment, you are asked to provide some additional information.
  • Step 3: Check our confirmation email and know how long your e-Visa is approved. The process will be subject to the kind of visa you order. After that, we will electronically send your visa via email. Please check your mail carefully.
  • Step 4: when you come to the checkpoints, a stamp will be placed inside your passport. Do not forget to print out 02 copies of your visa.

How long to take Cambodia e-visa?

  • Normal: It is a common state, the processing time for your e-visa is 03 business days.
  • Urgent: It is a higher state for those who wish to get an e-Visa within 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: It is the highest priority, you will get your Cambodia e-Visa quickly within 05 hours.

The Cambodia visa fees depends on many different factors

The Cambodia visa fees depend on many different factors

3. How much Cambodia e-Visa fee from Barthelemy?

Everyone takes an interest in the Cambodia e-Visa fee from Barthelemy. To complete the application process, passport holders have to charge 02 types of fees: the government fee and the visa service fee.

The government fee is spent for being processed by the Cambodia Immigration Services Team. The service fee depends on the kind of service you order (Normal, Urgent, and Super Urgent) and how many people you register.

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