Cambodia visa for Saint-Martinoise citizens in June 2024

Phnom Penh rises at the convergence of mighty rivers, a testament to Cambodia's colonial past and its dynamic present. This city blends tradition with rapid development, making it the perfect time to visit. Explore stunning architecture, temples adorned in gold, and affordable high-class cuisine. Dive into history near the capital and lush countryside, or indulge in shopping at emerging malls.

If you're from St. Martin eyeing Cambodia, check out this article for the scoop on Cambodia's e-Visa requirements for St. Martin citizens. Let's begin!

Citizens from Saint Martin can visit Cambodia with an e-visa.

Citizens from Saint Martin can visit Cambodia with an e-visa.

1. Check Cambodia visa requirements for Saint-Martinoise citizens

According to the Cambodia visa rule, Stain Martin does not belong to an exempt visa country list. Therefore, Saint-Martinoise citizens need to have a Cambodia visa when visiting this country.

You can approach a Cambodia visa in two ways:

  • Contact the Cambodian Embassy to apply for a visa. It is noted that The Cambodian Embassy has not been established in St. Martin yet, you have to go to other countries to apply.
  • Apply for Cambodia e-Visa through Cambodian Immigration Services.

Cambodia e-Visa for Saint-Martinoise citizens is a valid permit allowing international tourists to enter Cambodia. The application process for this visa is straightforward and quick. You absolutely apply remotely in your home country with only technique devices, no paper is required during the process.

By the way, you have to make precise about the Cambodia e-Visa information below:

  • When issued officially, your Cambodia e-Visa is valid for 03 months.
  • E-Visa allows you to enter Cambodia one time with a single entry authorization. It means if you would like to come back to Cambodia, please get a re-enter visa.
  • Cambodia e-Visa allows you to stay in Cambodia for a maximum of 30 days and for travel purposes or leisure activities only. If your itinerary in Cambodia is over 30 days and for other reasons, please contact the Cambodian Embassy.

Apply Cambodia e-visa can save time and

Apply Cambodia e-visa can save time

2. How to obtain a Cambodia e-Visa from Saint Martin

Cambodia's e-Visa requirement for citizens from Saint Martin

Please take notes carefully on the Cambodia e-Visa requirements for citizens of St. Martin that we outline for you. These are basic documents and you have to prepare them fully and accurately.

  • The national passport is valid for 06 months. There is a blank page to get a stamp on your passport. Please scan your passport before applying.
  • Scan copies of your biographical page in your passport.
  • The digital application photo is formatted as a PNG or JPEG. Besides, the photo meets the rules: taken in recent 06 months, high quality, shows your full face, front view, eyes open, head in the center of the frame, and showing full head from the top of hair to bottom of the chin.
  • Travel insurance is required when applying for an e-visa.
  • To get approved, you must prove that you have at least 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccination.
  • Submit a hotel booking document.
  • Your credit or debit card to make a payment.
  • Your current email address to exchange information.

How to apply Cambodia e-Visa from Saint Martin

After preparing enough documents, Cambodia Immigration Services hopes you apply for a visa as soon as possible to avoid rising problems and not affect your timetable.

It is better if you find a place that has a good Internet connection during the process. Make sure the accuracy and do not miss any required information. Follow the instructions on how to apply Cambodia e-Visa from Saint Martin.

On the navigation bar, please click on “Apply Visa”:

Step 1: Provide details regarding your personal and Cambodia trip information. Confirm all information before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Make a payment for your service. After receiving full payment, we ask you to provide some more information.

Step 3: Please check your email inbox to get confirmation. We also inform you about the time your e-Visa is finished. It depends on the service you choose, we have 03 options available:

  • Normal: This is a popular option, you will get an e-visa after 03 processing days.
  • Urgent: You are quite rushed and hope to get an e-visa quickly. This option helps you get an e-visa after 24 processing hours.
  • Super urgent: If you hope to get Cambodia e-Visa right away, please consider this option. Your e-visa will be processed within 05 hours.

We would like to remind you to cover your plan carefully before paying because any changes will be charged as a new application. After that, we will send a Cambodia e-Visa to you via email address.

Step 4: Print out 02 copies of your e-visa before boarding a flight to get a stamp.

Saint Martin citizens have 03 kinds of rush visa services to apply for

Saint Martin citizens have 03 kinds of rush visa services to apply for

3. Cambodia visa online fee from Saint Martin

How much is the Cambodia visa online? This is a concern of passport holders coming from Saint Martin. No worries because we will explain it to you.

Cambodia e-Visa includes 02 types of fees:

  • Cambodia Government fee
  • Cambodia Visa Service fee.

The Government fee is the amount of money paid to the Cambodia Immigration Services Team Department. The service fee is spent for the entire process from when applying via a form online to when receiving a visa by email and finally getting a stamp inside the passport. The service also is subject to the services you choose (Normal, Urgent, Super Urgent) and the number of people you register (person or a group).

For citizens of St. Martin eyeing Cambodia, our article breaks down the tailored Cambodia e-Visa requirements for St. Martin citizens. Your Cambodian adventure awaits—embrace the journey! Contact us today if you have any questions or want to get a Cambodia online visa. Let's contact!