Cambodia visa for Uzbek citizens: Service & Fee in May 2024

Cambodia e-visa for Uzbek citizens: Cambodia is one of the most visited Southeast Asian countries and has emerged as an economic center and tourist destination for its residents. The varied topography of this typical tropical area contains some of the best beach destinations, temples, historical monuments, and delta regions that can completely satisfy adventurous souls.

Before traveling to Cambodia, all Uzbek passport holders need to obtain a visa. Luckily, Uzbek citizens are eligible to apply for a Cambodia e-Visa. Continue reading to learn more about applying for a Cambodia e-visa for Uzbek citizens.

What do you know about Cambodia e-visa for Uzbek citizens rules?

What do you know about Cambodia e-visa for Uzbek citizens rules?

1. Cambodia e-visa for Uzbek citizens

If you are an Uzbek citizen planning to visit the Kingdom of Cambodia, you must obtain a valid visa before booking your flight to ensure you will be able to enter the country legally and without incident.

When it comes to obtaining a Cambodia visa for Uzbek citizens, there are several options available. To avoid long lines and government officials, apply for a Cambodia visa from Uzbekistan rather than worrying about getting one on arrival.

Depending on the purpose of their visit, Uzbek citizens can apply for different types of visas to Cambodia. Cambodia's government recently implemented an online electronic visa for several eligible countries, including Uzbek citizens.

Cambodia e visa for Uzbek citizens is available for 90 days in total from the visa start date. When you work with, they will ensure that your start date coincides with the first day of your trip, allowing you to stay in the country for up to 30 days. It is important to note that Cambodian regulations limit you to only one entry into the country.

Uzbek citizens can apply for a Cambodia e-Visa from their homes by using any electronic device, such as a smartphone, computer, or tablet, to access the online system. Before beginning the application process, they only need an internet connection and some personal information.

If Uzbek applicants plan to visit the country for over a month or for motives other than tourism, we recommend they pay a visit to the Embassy of Cambodia in Uzbekistan for further details.

2. Cambodia e visa requirements for Uzbek citizens

Best time to apply Cambodia e-visa for Uzbek citizens around 7 days before the trip

The best time to apply Cambodia e-visa for Uzbek citizens is around 7 days before the trip

Apart from the Cambodia e-visa for Uzbek citizens, you will need some other essential documents as well.

  • A valid passport: You need to have a Uzbekistan government-issued passport. Furthermore, the passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months after your arrival in Cambodia.
  • The Uzbekistan passport needs to also have at least 2 blank pages for stamps to be received at the Cambodian border crossing.
  • A passport scan of the information page.
  • Travel Insurance Documents.
  • Covid-19 Vaccine Card/ Certificate.
  • Digital photo of yourself: it has to be recent and passport-sized.
  • Indicate travel plans (travel dates, the purpose of the trip, accommodation booking).

Note that: Do not apply if your email address is invalid. Because the Cambodia e-visa application is completed online, you will receive all visa-related information via email.

In case Uzbek candidates need to track their visa status. Let's visit the "Check status" function and fill in the required information, the result will be sent to your email in 30 minutes!

Citizens of Uzbekistan who hold dual citizenship should be aware that the Cambodia electronic visa is electronically linked to the passport used to apply. If they arrive in Cambodia with a different travel document, they will be denied entry.

We recommend that Uzbek visitors submit their Cambodia e-Visa request using a frequently used email address and confirm that the bank card used to pay the processing fee is online payment enabled.

3. How to get a Cambodia e-visa for Uzbek citizens

Travelers from Uzbekistan can now apply for a visa online in minutes and receive their approved e-Visa for Cambodia within a few business days.

  • Step 1: Fill out the online form.
  • Step 2: Pay the application fee by a Credit/Debit Card, Visa, American, Paypal, or Wire Transfer to the Bank of Cyprus.
  • Step 3: Download and print out the Cambodia visa online.

Before paying the fees and submitting the request, applicants should double-check all details. Travel delays and disruptions could result from errors or missing information.

The majority of applications are reviewed and approved within 24 business hours. A priority service is also available for guaranteed 5-hour processing.

How to fill in the Cambodia visa application form?

Uzbek citizens need to fill out the online Cambodia visa application form. The form is quick and straightforward to complete. Basic personal, passport, and travel information is required:

  • Full name, gender, date, and country of birth
  • Passport number, date of issue, and expiry
  • Intended date of arrival in Cambodia

4. Cambodia e visa fees for Uzbek citizens

The cost of a Cambodia visa for Uzbek citizens varies depending on the type of Cambodia visa for Uzbek the applicant requires and the processing time. The Cambodian e-Visa is intended to make things easier for travelers while also increasing international tourism. To apply for a Cambodia visa online from Uzbekistan, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa fees, which are called Service fees and Government fees.

To help you decide, here are the three options available through Cambodia Immigration Services. Simply choose the best one for your requirements:

  • Normal: This is perfect for you if you do not hurry. You'll get your visa in 3 Business Days for an affordable price.
  • Urgent: This is a great option if you want your visa in 1 business day.
  • Super urgent: If you're in a hurry and need your visa in at least 5 business hours, this is the method for you. Just keep in mind that this is the most expensive option.

The Cambodian visa fee can be paid securely online with a debit or credit card, visa card, PayPal, American Express, Master Card, or Wire Transfer to the Bank of Cyprus. Travelers' data is protected.

In addition, Cambodia Immigration Services also provides other package services to assist travelers while traveling to Cambodia, such as Cambodia travel insurance, Cambodia eSim cards, and a Car Pick-up service in Cambodia.