Cambodia visa requirements for UAE residents

Travelers from the United Arab Emirates will have a great time in Cambodia because of many things: Warm weather , rich culture. A trip to Cambodia is never boring, whether it's for discovering the ancient temples of Angkor Wat or shopping in the capital of Phnom Penh.

cambodia visa for uae residents

The dense jungles and remote villages of Koh Kong Provence's mangrove or the Cardamom Mountains may appeal to the adventurous vacationer. Tourists looking for a day at the beach may want to head south towards the coast. It is dotted with lively bars, modern resorts, and French colonial ruins.

For UAE residents planning to travel to Cambodia, it is necessary to obtain a visa before traveling to the country. Fortunately, the application process for e-visa is easier, no paperwork or embassy appointments needed.

In this article, we will help you find out the Cambodia Visa requirements for UAE residents and how to apply online for a e-Visa effortlessly.

1. Cambodia e-visa for UAE residents:

The most efficient and convenient way to obtain a visa for Cambodia in the United Arab Emirates is to apply online for an e-Visa. You can use the Cambodian e-Visa for UAE residents to take short-term trips, a maximum of 30 days. The e-Visa contains these features:

  • One entry to Cambodia
  • Maximum stay of 30 days
  • The purpose of the visit can be tourism, business or visit but cannot be employment.

The Cambodia e-visa allows you to enter the country by air or one of several land borders with Thailand, Vietnam, or Laos. It cannot be used for entering Cambodia by sea. Residents of the UAE who wish to engage in other activities, such as business or paid work, must obtain a different type of visa. The e-Visa is a quick and easy way for tourists to obtain permission to visit Cambodia.

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates who wish to relocate to Cambodia and/or engage in non-tourist activities must instead apply for the necessary visas and permits at a Cambodian embassy in UAE

2. Cambodia visa requirements for UAE residents:

To complete paperwork for any kind of visa, you both need to provide enough personal documents for verification. But the good news is, the Cambodian e-visa does not require so many documents like the casual type.

For citizens of the United Arab Emirates who wish to visit Cambodia, the Cambodian government has a number of visa requirements. There are only a few Cambodia visa requirements for UAE residents that must be met, as outlined below:

  • A passport which has at least 6 months validity from the date of arrival in Cambodia and a blank page for stamping alongside a scanned copy of your passport biographical page with 1 photo/person which should be named as your full name.
  • Pandemic related document: COVID-19 insurance is compulsory when you plan to enter Cambodia for any purpose. Besides, vaccination is also a necessary requirement. You will be required to get at least 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines before entering Cambodia.
  • Hotel reservation (if any).

3. How to apply for a Cambodia visa online from the United Arab Emirates:

Obtaining a Cambodian visa for UAE residents is very simple and quick. The e-Visa application is entirely electronic, so there is no need to contact or visit the embassy. It only takes a few minutes to apply for a Cambodia visa if you have a UAE passport. It is possible to do it at any time and from any location on the planet.

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates can obtain a Cambodian e-visa online in 3 steps

Read more about how to apply for a Cambodian visa online.

Please ensure that all answers are double-checked before submitting your Cambodia e-Visa application. Small errors and inconsistencies may cause applications to be delayed or even rejected

The processing time for a visa is determined by the number of applicants and the date of application. The approval should take between 24 hours to 72 hours, but can go up to 5 days.

Applicants should submit an application as soon as their travel dates to Cambodia are finalized, up to one week before the intended date of entry into Cambodia.

When the visa is complete, the e-Visa is linked to the applicant's passport, and the applicant is notified by email. The applicant will also receive a copy of the visa via email. Travelers can then present a printed copy of the Cambodia e-Visa from the UAE, along with the relevant passport, to immigration officers upon arrival in Cambodia to gain expedited entry.

Cambodia visa requirements for uae residents

4. Cambodia e-Visa fee for UAE residents and payment method:

After completing your required documents, proceed to pay a total cost is what you need to do next. For more information, there are 2 kinds of Cambodia visa fees you need to know: the government and the service fee. For the government fee, it is compulsory for citizens coming from out of the ASEAN countries (Thailand and Myanmar excluded in some cases).

For the service fee, you can choose your suitable service type depending on your demands. In total, there are 3 available service options:

  • Normal: in casual cases, when you have enough time for document preparation and wait for a response. With this type of service, you will get your result within 3 business days.
  • Urgent: this type is the great choice when you need to get an e-visa in a limited amount of time. With this type of service, you will receive your result within 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: this type is the most rapid option for you to get an e-visa because you will need just 5 business hours.

Payment: after choosing your suitable type of service, you will see your total cost in the digital receipt. To pay for that, you can use electronic payment or wire transfer. If you choose electronic payment, consider using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal for a secure payment.