GET CRAZY DEAL OFF 35% with Vesak Cultural Tourism

Good news for everyone who is wishing to have cultural tourism to Cambodia! Dream comes true, it’s a great time with the Vesak Festival and a super festive time! When millions of Buddhists will have a chance to globally reunite, join and explore Buddhism features.

GET CRAZY DEAL OFF 35% with Vesak Cultural Tourism

Vesak, also known as Buddha Day or Buddha Purnima, is a traditional holiday of Buddhists in South Asia and Southeast Asia as well as Tibet and Mongolia. On this day, many Buddhists or tourists visit temples to join religious rites and listen to ancient verses. Visitors also have a chance to join public activities with local residents and explore their traditional lifestyle, including:

  • Prayer ceremonies at temples/monasteries.
  • Stories/acts depicting the life and teachings of Buddha.
  • Candle lighting ceremony where lotus-shaped candles are lit.
  • A number of Asian dishes are prepared during the festivities.

Besides, not only joining the big Vesak Festivals, but you also visit some top famous places in one of the countries. That’s amazing for cultural tourism. So, Cambodia Immigration Services happily give you a SPECIAL DEAL OFF 35% Service Fee for an amazing experience trip to Cambodia without considering. Save the best moments with a special deal like this one for

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