Do I have to make a payment online in USD?

No. Although Cambodia visa fees are mentioned in USD, local money may be used to make payments. The fees associated with an e-Visa can be paid in a variety of methods, including wire transfers to the Bank of Cyprus or electronic payments (Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express). Consider your efficient and effective decisions because any modifications made after payment will cost in a new application charge.

You must make payment for in in order to complete the registration process

Government fees and service costs are included in the cost of the Cambodia e-visa. The sum required to submit a Cambodia visa application is known as the government fee, and it is given to the Cambodian government. This cost is non-refundable no matter the outcome of your application. The type of service provided and the quantity of subscribers determine the service rates.

The following list of 03 service statuses can satisfy all of your requirements:

  • Typically, it takes three working days to process a Cambodia tourist visa. The reasonable pricing is a factor in why many visitors select this choice.
  • For candidates who need their e-visas in less than 48 working hours, select urgent.
  • Super urgent If you have short on time for preparation, this service is ideal. After 24 hours of processing, you can obtain an e-visa for the Cambodian by paying an extra fee.

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