Do I need a Covid-19 Insurance?

Yes. Travel insurance might assist you if your travel plans alter suddenly. Travelers entering Cambodia after April 25, 2022, are not obliged to obtain travel insurance. All visitors to Cambodia must either have proof of complete immunization against COVID-19 or submit to a COVID-19 test upon arrival, a 7-day quarantine, and a second COVID-19 test at the conclusion of the quarantine. Fortunately, it is now structured to provide coverage under specific benefits if you or your travel partner are diagnosed with COVID-19 during your coverage period. Some benefits allow you to submit a COVID-19-related claim online whenever you want.

Covid-19 insurance is one of the required documents to apply for a Cambodia visa, and pre-approval paperwork is required upon arrival in Cambodia. A travel insurance policy with COVID-19 advantages can assist in lowering the financial risk of traveling by providing coverage for unforeseen COVID-19-related circumstances. Benefits might cover things like unexpected medical bills abroad, travel modifications and cancellation fees, and extra costs.

If you are traveling and a qualified medical professional diagnoses you with COVID-19, our COVID-19 travel insurance cover can pay for your abroad medical expenses. When suffering from COVID-19, this coverage includes expenses for emergency transportation and medical care received abroad. We always advise purchasing this insurance. Because applying for a Cambodia visa is advantageous and offers you a number of benefits. It will facilitate the Cambodian government's acceptance of your application.