Cambodia Currency For Travelers: Advice To Exchange Money For Best Rate And Safe

By Katie May

Although the official currency of Cambodia is the riel, the US dollar is widely accepted and used in various places such as shops, restaurants, hotels, and national parks. You can find detailed information about Cambodia's currency, payment methods, and the use of US dollars in the Kingdom of Wonder in the link provided.

What do you know about Cambodian currency?

Here are five essential facts about Cambodia that foreign tourists should be aware of before their visit, including the need to exchange currency to facilitate spending during their stay.

1. What is Cambodia's official currency?

The Cambodia official currency - Riel is the country's official currency and is widely used across the county. The Cambodia  Riel is KHR, which has two distinct riels, issued in 1953 and 1975, the second in 1980. Cambodian currency denominations include both banknotes and coins. The denominations of the Riel include:

With the first Riel (1953-1975): 

  • Coins include denominations: 10,20,50 centime of 1953                                                      
  • Banknotes include denominations: 1.5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 500 Riel

For the second Riel (after 1980): 

  • Coins: 5 cent
  • Banknotes include denominations: 1,2,5 Kak and 1,5,10,20 and 50 Riel. Banknotes include denominations such as 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 50000, and 100000 Riel.

Riel is the country's official currency and is widely used across the county Riel is the country's official currency and is widely used across the country 

2. What currency does Cambodia use?

While the official currency of Cambodia is the Riel, it is common for foreign currencies, particularly the US dollar, to be used in the country. The dollar is widely accepted and freely circulated, and merchants, property owners, developers, and businesses in Cambodia all recognize it as a form of payment, alongside the Riel.

The United States dollar is also used, particularly in urban Cambodia and tourist areas. The Cambodian riel is used for small transactions such as taking a bus, taking a motorbike taxi, taking a taxi, buying snacks, buying cheap girl meals, etc. With more expensive costs, people will use US dollars to pay.

In areas near the Thai border, the Thai baht is also accepted. And the Vietnamese Dong, in addition to the US dollar, is accepted at Cambodian - Viet Nam border towns.

3. How much is the exchange rate of 1 USD to KHR?

The American dollar is also widely utilized throughout the country and is sometimes referred to as Cambodia's unofficial currency.

The latest Cambodian exchange rate in January 2023, the American dollar conversion rate is more than 4000 riel to 1 American dollar, which means you don't need as much cash when visiting Cambodia because $2.5 is equivalent to more than 10,000 riels, providing you with plenty of cash to take about.

There is a short list of popular currencies in Cambodia. This material will be updated in response to societal and commercial changes. 

  • USA Dollar : 4115 KHR / USD
  • British Pound : 5025 KHR / USD
  • Singapore Dollar : 3105.50 KHR / USD
  • Australian Dollar : 2853 KHR / USD
  • China Yuan : 610 KHR / USD
  • Laotian Kip : 244 KHR / USD
  • Indian Rupee : 5070.50 KHR / USD
  • Japanese Yen : 3118.50 KHR / USD
  • Thai Baht : 123.50 KHR / USD
  • Vietnamese Dong : 176.50 KHR / USD

Travelers may thus use these indicative rates as a guide, but keep in mind to refresh the data the nearer you get to your trip to Cambodia in order to acquire the most up-to-date information about the latest exchange rate details.

Travelers should up-to-date information about the latest exchange rate details Travelers should up-to-date information about the latest exchange rate details 

4. Where can travelers exchange dollars?

Cambodian banks offer currency exchange services, allowing you to exchange your dollars for Cambodian riel. It is recommended that you exchange only a small number of dollar notes, as most transactions in Cambodia are conducted in dollars. Shops, hotels, property owners, and businesses in Cambodia all accept the dollar as a form of payment. As a result, you may not need to convert your cash into riel.

Cambodia utilizes the Cambodian riel as its official currency and as a method of trade; however, the US dollar is also commonly used in the nation in addition to the riel.

So, while crossing borders, keep some modest bills on hand: $5, $10, $20, and $50 to ensure you can pay for your visa. They may ask you to pay in another currency if you do not have it, but you may be charged exorbitant conversion costs. 

National Bank of Cambodia in a beautiful French colonial building in old town street. National Bank of Cambodia in a beautiful French colonial building in old town street. 

5. How can I exchange or withdraw money in Cambodia?

All foreign credit cards and debit cards are widely accepted in Cambodia and may be used for significant transactions. Holders of Cambodian bank cards can withdraw cash in either riel or USD. Cash may also be exchanged for and withdrawn through Cambodian banks, making transactions simple and seamless for a variety of reasons.

6. Can passengers swap money elsewhere?

It is strongly advised to avoid currency exchange at non-bank and non-ATM locations due to the risk of receiving counterfeit dollar bills. The best bet is to utilize banks for your exchanges.

7. What should you know about fake money in Cambodia?

If you intend to go or reside there, you should be informed of the situation when trades are performed between private individuals rather than banks. It is strongly encouraged to do trades through banks. There are ATM machines in every tourist area in Cambodia, as well as in every large city, so you won't have to worry about your cash. Because people prefer to pay in cash for their everyday costs, you should always have several little notes with you.

Cambodia currency FAQs - Travelers should know

Travelers also ask about Cambodia currency, let's keep reading!

Scams in Cambodia: Be Wary of Fake Money

"Money-related scams" are particularly popular in Cambodia, especially if you are clearly traveling there and would be unable to denounce them. You may be withdrawing counterfeit notes from uncontrolled ATMs, or a shady store may give you counterfeit notes as change for your purchase. If you use a $50 or $100 bill, be mindful of the change you will receive.

Using international and American ATM cards

If you want to withdraw cash in Cambodia, make sure you have affordable debit and credit cards (this applies to most countries in South East Asia). If you use traditional banks, you may incur significant fees each time you cash out: conversion fees, currency fees, and ATM fees.

In conclusion, keep in mind that you may pay in either dollars or Cambodian riel when traveling there. However, it will always be less expensive to do so. Any ATM will let you withdraw money for a commission fee. Similarly to that, depending on where you are, Cambodia Immigration Services are discussing a nation with a strong economy. Never forget to have your passport with you in case you need to withdraw money from a bank teller window. All that's left to do is pack your luggage and enjoy the journey.

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