The Best Time To Visit Cambodia

If you are wondering when is the best time to visit Cambodia, it's nice to know that there is no exact answer. Cambodia is warm all year, yet due to its monsoon climate, it has two distinct seasons: wet and dry. However, the dry season is divided into two parts: hot and cool.

What is the best time of year to visit Cambodia?

Are you seeking the ideal month to visit Cambodia? Here's our month-by-month guide. It will give you a decent understanding of the climate and how it can affect your vacation plans.

The best time to visit Cambodia

The best time to visit Cambodia

Weather in Cambodia

When deciding the best time to visit Cambodia, consider the weather trends. The ideal time of year to visit Cambodia depends on your travel plans and whether you want to avoid the rainy season.

The weather is hot all year, but it is scorching in March and May, when temperatures may reach 32°C and more. The weather is dry in December and January, although the temperatures are significantly colder - 25°C - 30°C (77F - 86F) at this time of year. The milder months of the year, between November and February, are the busiest for tourists.

Warm enough to sunbathe by the shore yet cool enough to tour temples comfortably.

When is the rainy season in Cambodia?

From May through October, the southwesterly monsoon delivers rain, humidity, and strong winds. The northeasterly monsoon brings sunlight. 

Visiting Cambodia during the rainy season may still be worthwhile. The view may be breathtaking. Mornings are often dry, with rain falling primarily in the afternoon. There are often still windows of brilliant sunshine and pure sky.

Because it does not rain every day in Cambodia during the rainy season, it might be a fantastic time for sightseeing. It is one of the quietest times to explore famous attractions like Angkor Wat and the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh because there will be fewer people and the land will be lush and green. 

Weather in Cambodia

Weather in Cambodia

The best month to visit Cambodia

November is popular with many travelers as the temperatures are lower at approximately 25°C. It's a perfect time to take a trip to Cambodia if you want to meander about the many monuments, marketplaces, and temples as it's less congested. It is also the month that the Cambodian Water Festival is held. It's customarily celebrated over three days with concerts and boat races in Phnom Penh.

Visiting Cambodia in winter

Cambodia does not have an official winter season. The weather has been scorching all year. Many visitors prefer to visit Cambodia between December and February due to the cooler weather. It may be the finest time to visit the Temples of Angkor, enjoy the colorful marketplaces, or walk into the jungle.

December to February is peak season and one of the busiest travel months, so plan ahead of time to reserve your accommodations. During this season, accommodation is usually more costly as well. Christmas in Cambodia is also one of the times you should not miss, so make your reservations early. 

What is the weather in Cambodia in December — February

The weather is colder throughout the dry season, with the coldest months being November to February. From December through February, you can anticipate the weather to remain settled at a comfortable 25°C or higher. It's still an excellent time to capture the sunshine. The roads are less congested this season, and the cooler temperatures make sightseeing more enjoyable.

Visiting Cambodia in spring

In spring, you may bask in the sunshine and visit Cambodia's gorgeous beaches. It might be the finest time of year to visit Cambodia for those looking for a beach vacation in a tropical paradise. At this time of year, the southern islands, as well as Kep and Kampot, are popular. Kampot is a tranquil town, and its relaxed atmosphere adds to its allure. At this time of year, you may kayak and paddleboard along the Kampot River or visit neighboring Kep and Rabbit Island. The clear blue sky also makes it an ideal time for a boat cruise.

What is the weather in Cambodia in March — May

Between March and May, the temperature rises. Temperatures are beginning to surge beyond 30°C in specific locations in March and April. At this time, you can participate in the Khmer New Year festival, one of Cambodia's most significant festivals, which is celebrated in April. The rainy season begins in May; however, rainfall is mild in comparison to the severely wet months of September and October.

Some visitors may find Angkor Wat extremely hot in April and May. March is a little cooler, so it's a decent compromise if you're searching for the ideal time to visit Cambodia.

Visiting Cambodia in the summer

The rainy season might still be the finest time of year to visit Cambodia. It's also known as the "green season" since the countryside is flourishing. In the rainy season, Cambodia's landscape is more beautiful than ever, and this is a chance to see Cambodia in full bloom.

It doesn't rain all day during the rainy season, so it's feasible to explore some of the sights of Cambodia while avoiding the throng. Everything is quieter whenever you choose to visit.

What is the weather in Cambodia in June — August

June through August is also the rainy season, temperatures are roughly 30°C or higher and quite humid.

The mornings can be sunny and dry, with rain and perhaps some magnificent lightning and thunder in the afternoon, which clears the humidity. Road traffic can often be disrupted by flooding, but it is still a fantastic season to come with fewer visitors, and the landscape is at its prettiest.

Travel to Cambodia in the summer

Travel to Cambodia in the summer

Visiting Cambodia in autumn/fall

During September and October, the land changes into a soggy expanse of tropical green beneath the daily torrent of rains. Although dirt roads might turn to muck and flooding is widespread, it's an exciting time to visit the nation. 

Temperatures are lower in November, and there is less rain. It symbolizes the conclusion of the monsoon season, a popular time for travelers to visit. It might be an ideal time to see the floating marketplaces of the Tonle Sap, and Angkor Wat is calmer than in December and January.

The Cambodian Water Festival also takes place in November. This celebration commemorates the Tonle Sap River's transformation into the Mekong River. The Bon Om Touk Water Festival is traditionally held in early November in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. You can see the colorful boat races taking place on the Mekong. 

What is the weather in Cambodia in September — November

September and October are the rainiest months, with several days of rain possible. Temperatures are still in the 30s or higher, and it's quite humid. The latter portion of the monsoon season is the wettest of the year, with a danger of flooding, especially in locations along the Mekong.

As the monsoon season ends in November, temperatures decrease, making it an excellent time to come and explore what Cambodia offers tourists.

Travel frequently questions for Cambodia trips

What time zone is Cambodia?

Cambodia is located in the Indochina Time Zone (UTC +7:00).

Is travel insurance necessary?

Absolutely!!! We offer Cambodia travel insurance at a reasonable cost. This travel insurance covers expenses for trip cancellation, medical fees, lost luggage, and so on. More information can be found here.

How do I get to the hotel from the airport when I arrive?

When you get off the airplane and depart the International Airport, you will be confused with a variety of cabs with varied costs. Calling and waiting for an airport cab can be time-consuming and exhausting after a long trip. Besides, touts may be recognized as one reason to enhance your spending and place you in problems.

As a result, Cambodia Immigration Service provides a car pick-up service with courteous and well-trained drivers to transport you from any Cambodia International Airport to your specific location in the city center. Our skilled drivers will make you feel safe and confident in your first minutes in Cambodia. The various costs are determined by the number of guests.

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia with a long history. Visitors must also conduct research to determine the best time to visit Cambodia. We may find out which weather we like and whether there will be any events or festivals during that season. Because the event is also a part of Cambodian culture that you should not miss if you visit the nation. Discover it now!

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