Can I extend my Visa on this website?

You must visit the Department of Immigration or Nationality Affairs' Head Office in person to extend your Cambodia visas. If your visa only allows a certain amount of time, do not stay any longer. If your visa expires after this window, you must leave the nation immediately to avoid being prosecuted or subject to penalties. Before making any further plans, it is also advisable to receive more information and support on eVisa extensions from the Cambodia Embassy or Consulate that is closest to you. You should send your request at least one week prior to the date that your visa will expire in Cambodia to secure acceptance.

Choosing the type of Cambodia visa for your trip

You should be informed of your vacation itinerary in Cambodia and how long you intend to remain there before choosing the type of visa. Cambodia Tourist visas (single entrance or multiple entries), Cambodia Transit visas, and Cambodia Business visas are the four categories of Cambodia eVisa that are available to citizens of qualified nations. Because a residence permit is necessary for addition to a business visa. As a result, while the holder is still inside the nation, it cannot be extended or renewed.

Before applying for a Cambodia eVisa, applicants must determine whether they are in compliance with the visa requirements. Checking Cambodia visa criteria is essential so that you may gather enough supporting evidence for your visa application.