What shall I do upon arrival at Immigration in Cambodia?

You will go through immigration upon arriving in Cambodia and receive a passport stamp.

Please proceed to the dedicated e-Visa lane directly and hand over your passport, e-Visa and other related travelling documents (eg. arrival/departure card, passenger's declaration card) to the immigration officer.

You can be able to validate all of your information and get your entrance stamp in less than five minutes.

Cambodia Immigration Services advises you to print out at least two copies of your Cambodia eVisa because they could be needed to confirm your eligibility when you get to Cambodia.

Remember to bring a valid passport that has a validity of at least 06 months because this is one of the most necessary documents to enter Cambodia. The Immigration Officer will have the authority to deny your entry to Cambodia if you cannot show your passport.

When visiting another country, you should always keep updated on routine vaccinations. Although the yellow fever vaccination is not essential for everyone traveling to Cambodia, we advise that you consult a doctor in advance to receive the necessary vaccinations for diseases like rabies, hepatitis, typhoid, malaria, and Japanese encephalitis.

Moreover, we recommend you purchase Travel Insurance to keep you secure during the trips to Cambodia. This is not to mention the Cambodian Government requires you to obtain travel insurance to proceed with your visa application.