Travel from Laos to Cambodia: What Is The Best Way to Go

By Katie May

Laos is regarded by Cambodia as a long-time and close neighbor. Due to their comparatively similar cultures, the two nations have developed a cordial and enduring friendship. The intimacy that the author of this essay wishes to highlight here is a combination of a strong bond, mutual support, and proximity. 

Traveling from Laos to Cambodia has the added advantage of adjacent borders. Cross-border travel routes by road have also grown in popularity. However, what is the best way to travel from Laos to Cambodia? Read this article to find the answer to that question.

Laos to Cambodia: Travel at a glance

Laos to Cambodia: Travel at a glance

Laos to Cambodia: Travel at a glance

1. How far is it from Laos to Cambodia?

The distance between Laos and Cambodia is 741 kilometers, with a total road distance of 946.8 kilometers.

2. What is the travel time from Laos to Cambodia?

The trip from Laos to Cambodia takes approximately 1 hour and 44 minutes, and transfers are included.

3. How to get from Laos to Cambodia?

Flying: the fastest way from Laos to Cambodia 

Now, has many flights for visitors as:

  • From Luang Prabang (LPQ) to Siem Reap (REP) Airport, which takes one hour and thirty minutes.
  • From Pakse (PKZ) and Siem Reap (REP) is around 1h20 and covers a distance of around 286 km.
  • From Vientiane (VTE) to Siem Reap (REP) which time takes around 5h 9m and covers a distance of around 525 km.

Fly Services are operated by Vietnam Airlines, Lao Airlines, Thai AirAsia, and others. 

View from an airplane landing at Siem Reap airport - Cambodia

View from an airplane landing at Siem Reap airport - Cambodia

Besides the international flights, we still need to discuss domestic flights to get around Cambodia. You can learn more about our domestic flight booking services by visiting the Cambodia Immigration Services website. 

Bus - the cheapest way to get from Laos to Cambodia

Bus travel from Laos to Cambodia costs between $36 and $39, taking 19 hours and 10 minutes. There is no bus traveling directly from Laos to Cambodia. However, some services leave Wind West Pub and go from Vientiane and Don Det, Laos, to Phnom Penh. The whole travel time, including transfers, is around 26 hours and 14 minutes.

Customers who catch the bus from Laos to Cambodia will start at  Vientiane station (Laos), travel to Cambodia, and arrive at Phnom Penh station (Cambodia).

Driving car

The border between Laos and Cambodia is Nong Nok Khiene (Laos) and Tropaeng Kreal (Cambodia). Visitors drive from Laos to Cambodia, where the driving distance is 947 km. It takes approximately 14 hours and 18 minutes to drive there.

Private driver take care of luggages

Private drivers take care of luggage 

Things to know about traveling from Laos to Cambodia 

Is there any vaccination requirement for Laotian citizens to travel to Cambodia?

The rate of viral transmission in Cambodia is probably quite high, despite the fact that the situation with COVID is gradually stabilizing worldwide. Because of this, it is advisable to make an effort to protect yourself and bring the required documents, such as those pertaining to your health or COVID, along with you on your vacation. It would be much more thorough if you had additional travel insurance. Here, travelers may discover a trustworthy location to get travel insurance. You may take advantage of all the extra services offered by Cambodia Immigration Services.

The weather comparison between Laos and Cambodia

Is Laos hotter or warmer than Cambodia?

Yes, Cambodia has a hotter climate overall than Laos. Laos averages a temperature of 27°C/81°F, whereas Cambodia averages a temperature of 29°C/84°F.

What time of year in Cambodia is the hottest?

The warmest month in Cambodia is May, with a maximum average temperature of 35°C (95°F), which is about the same as the hottest month in Laos (also May, with a maximum average temperature of 35°C (95°F)).

Is Laos colder or warmer than Cambodia?

No, Cambodia is not cooler than Laos on a yearly average. Laos has an average low temperature of 22°C/72°F, whereas Cambodia's minimum temperature is 24°C/75°F on average.

In Cambodia, which month is the coldest?

The coldest month in Cambodia is December, which is not colder than the coldest month in Laos (January), which has an average low temperature of 16°C/61°F.

Monthly minimum temperatures on average

Does Laos experience more rain than Cambodia?

On average, Cambodia experiences more rainfall than Laos. Cambodia's annual average rainfall is 2897 mm, whereas Laos' average is 1333 mm.

Which month has the most rain in Cambodia?

Cambodia's wettest month is September, with an average monthly rainfall of 574mm, which is higher than the average monthly rainfall of 292mm during Laos' wettest month of July.

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The weather in Cambodia

The weather in Cambodia

Where can travelers exchange their money in Cambodia?

  • Official exchange rate offices spread across the country
  • Local markets, small businesses, and large shops with different exchange rates
  • ATMs
  • Or visitors can directly use US Dollars or Vietnam Dong to pay at certain places in Cambodia. Because here, these 2 coins are quite popular.

Due to their close proximity, Lao nationals now appear to find it rather simple to go to Cambodia. Information about Cambodia visa requirements for Laotian citizens, the best means to travel from Laos to Cambodia, and the changes and similarities in the weather between the two countries can help travelers plan their journey more thoughtfully. This is especially true for global citizens who wish to relocate from Laos to Cambodia.

When you need to travel from Laos to Cambodia, Cambodia Immigration Services can provide you with an overview of the relevant details as well as the best, most dependable e-Visa service. Visit our website to see what is available.

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