Cambodia travel tips and advice for first-timer

By Jenna Jolie

The beautiful country of Cambodia, with a unique Khmer culture, is always a tourist destination that attracts many other tourists to visit. If you're visiting the country for the first time, don't miss these helpful tips for first-time visitors to Cambodia as well as the do's and don'ts when visiting this country.

Angkor Wat - One of the most attractive tourist destinations in Cambodia

Angkor Wat - One of the most attractive tourist destinations in Cambodia

Cambodia travel advice first time - Top 14 information must know

  • 1. Official Name: Kingdom of Cambodia. Other Names: Kampuchea (Cambodge in French)
  • 2. Time: UTC + 7 (12 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time)
  • 3. Country Phone Code: +855
  • 4. Capital City: Phnom Penh. This is also the largest city of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • 5. Primary Religion: Theravada Buddhism
  • 6. Currency: Cambodian Riel (KHR). The latest exchange rate from Cambodian Riel to US dollar is: 1 KHR =0,00024 USD as 1 USD = 10.000 KHR.
  • 7. Language: Khmer is the official language of Cambodia, which is spoken by over 90% of the country’s population.
  • 8. Transportation: Transport from one place to the next is fairly easy in Cambodia and is quite efficient, as well as cheap. Using Tuk-Tuk in Cambodia is the most popular way to explore cities/towns in Cambodia.
  • 9. Visa Cambodia to entry: A 30-day tourist visa is required for all visitors coming to Cambodia. Now, travelers can apply for Cambodia online visa easily to speed up your entry into the country.

Note that, Citizens coming from ASEAN nations, can get a free visa on arrival which lasts for 30 days.

  • 10. Festivals and Celebrations: Cambodia is a country with a rich cultural heritage, and the Khmer people love to celebrate their traditions with big parties and festivals.
  • 11. Is Cambodia safe to travel? In general, Cambodia is a very safe country to visit. The Khmer people are friendly and increasingly welcoming to foreigners as the country becomes more and more popular with tourists and travelers.
  • 12. The price in Cambodia, like most Southeast Asian countries, is cheap.
  • 13. The climate in Cambodia is generally hot and humid all throughout the year.
  • 14. The best time to visit Cambodia is between November and May when the country experiences low rainfall and still enjoys warm temperatures.

Pocket 14 tips for first-time travelers visiting Cambodia

Pocket 14 tips for first-time travelers visiting Cambodia

General Cambodia travel tips and advice for first-time travelers

Cambodia has a few cultural customs different from Western areas. While visiting this Southeast Asian country, there are some dos and don'ts of Cambodia. Here are tips for enjoying a holiday in Cambodia.

1. 7 things to dos in Cambodia

During your visit to Cambodia, you will most likely be moved by the Cambodian people's generosity. In most places, you'll be greeted and guided by locals eager to show you their country's treasures.

  • Cambodian greeting is called ‘Sampeah’ by saying “Chum Reap Suor”, accompanied by a gesture of pressing their palms together in front of their face and slightly bowing forward. Cambodian people will be happily surprised to see you using the ‘Sampeah’ to greet them.

With men, after a ‘Sampeah’, it is usually to shake hands.

  • In Cambodian culture, when offering a gift, the convention is to present it with both hands, especially the elderly.
  • Take off your shoes and your hat before entering a sacred place, such as a Buddhist pagoda or the Royal Palace.
  • Women should especially wear a t-shirt or a blouse with short or long sleeves and a skirt or pants at least at knee-length.
  • Remember to leave your shoes at the entrance when entering someone’s home.
  • Ask for permission first before taking the Cambodian people's pictures.
  • If you buy food at a street cart or a stall in a local market, please be patient when communicating in English and interacting with your Cambodian hosts.

2. 7 things don'ts in Cambodia

Although your Cambodian hosts will do their best to accommodate tourists' unintentional mistakes resulting from various cultural and social conventions, the following tips will help you understand Cambodian culture and avoid social misunderstandings.

  • The head is the most sacred part of the body in Cambodian and Buddhist cultures. Please DO NOT touch or pat people's heads, including children.
  • Similarly, because the feet are the lowest parts of the body, DO NOT use them to point at someone or something, get someone's attention, or push an object to someone.
  • If you must sit on the floor at a pagoda, DO NOT sit cross-legged or with your legs outstretched. Sit slightly slanted on your heels instead. If the position becomes too uncomfortable, try shifting to the opposite side.
  • Buddhist monks are held in high regard. Women are not permitted to touch a monk's robes or body.
  • Public displays of affection, such as kisses and hugs, are considered inappropriate and offensive in Cambodian society.
  • Avoid shouting, laughing, and speaking loudly in public places, sacred grounds such as pagodas, and public buildings.
  • Because Cambodian cultural customs differ from yours, please DO NOT resent Cambodian habits that may be considered rude in your country.

Cambodia has some restricted customs that tourists should know about

Cambodia has some restricted customs that tourists should know about

3. Solo travel for women in Cambodia

Cambodia is a relatively safe country for women traveling alone. However, whether in Cambodia or any other country. Tourists need to have a specific plan on when and where to visit. Also, learn about the customs and culture of the locality they are going to.

For female tourists when coming to Cambodia, it is necessary to pay attention to Buddhist culture, and dress to be polite, especially when visiting religious attractions such as temples,...

Hope the above Cambodia travel tip and advice for first-timers will help you better plan your trip to Cambodia. Do not forget to contact us immediately to apply for a visa to Cambodia. Our professional staff is always around the clock to provide support to customers! Let's contact us NOW.

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