Cambodia Embassy in Estonia

The Cambodia Embassy in Estonia is an office of communication between the Cambodian government and Estonia.  Follow the information below to get details about the Cambodia embassy in Estonia.

Is there a Cambodia Embassy in Estonia?

No, the Cambodian embassy has not been established in Estonia yet. In order to get the required services from the Cambodian Embassy, Estonia candidates can visit the nearest Cambodian embassy.

The Cambodia embassy near Estonia information

The nearest Royal Embassy of Cambodia to Estonia is in Russia. To apply for a visa, Estonian applicants should visit the Cambodia Embassy in Moscow. Get detailed information here:

  • Address: Starokonyushenny Per. 16, Moscow, Russia
  • Telephone: (+7) 495 637 4736
  • Fax: (+7) 495 956 6573
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Working hours: Monday to Friday, by appointment, closed Saturday and Sunday

Some other Cambodia Embassy or Consulate near Estonia such as Germany, the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, .. or find the list of Cambodia embassies around the world here.

Please contact the Embassy directly for any kind of inquiries and issues related to visa regulations or passport requirements.

Apply for a visa at the Cambodia Embassy in Estonia

One of the consular services/responsibilities of the Cambodian Embassy is to handle several duties related to issuing visas for Estonian citizens. To apply for a Cambodia visa for Estonian citizens, let's follow the guide below:

  • Taking in applications: The Embassy accepts applications made online or offline on the country or Embassy website. These include tourist, employment, resident, or business visas.
  • Verifying forms: The Embassy checks the forms to ensure the information is valid before proceeding further.
  • Attesting documents: Part of the visa process involves getting a stamp from the Embassy. This is needed for long-term visas like resident, employment, or student visas.
  • Conducting visa interviews: The Embassy conducts interviews for visa applicants when necessary. There is a specialized department for handling visas.

Luckily, Cambodian visas for Estonian citizens can be applied for online through Cambodia Immigration Services. This method can help Estonian citizens get visas easily and quickly. For more information about applying for Cambodia visas from Estonia online, contact us!

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